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10 unusual football stadiums in the world

You are probably used to seeing traditional football stadiums such as the Parc des Princes or Camp Nou. Now discover 10 stages unusual, modern design as the original.

1. Eidi Stadium (Faroe Islands)

This stadium is at the foot of the ocean. Sometimes the balloons bad shooters came to rest in the water. To attract as many viewers as possible, leaders thought to charter a boat during match days.


2. The Float Stadium (Singapore)

In Asia, specifically Singapore, you can experience this stage on the waters of the Marina Reservoir, in Marina Bay. For safety reasons, the stadium was built in steel. It can support up to 1070 tons, enough to accommodate a large number of spectators!


3. Ottmar Hitzfeld (Switzerland)

The originality of this stage is that it is located in the Alps at 2000 meters altitude. To date, this is the highest point in Europe. In addition, you r in traffic making it because you have to take the cable car.Practice not?


4. Hásteinsvöllur (Iceland)

Icelandic engineers built a stadium in the middle of a field of volcanoes, more specifically on the Westman Islands. To get there, you just enough to take the boat and pray that a volcano is not erupting.


5. Municipal Stadium in Braga (Portugal)

Built for Euro 2004, the stadium has two side galleries. Its characteristic is to have no forum last goals, and when you catch a game, you can admire a large cliff on one side of the horizon to the other.



6. Stadion Shopping Center (Serbia)

The peculiarity of this stage is that it is located on the roof of a shopping center. It can accommodate up to 5200 spectators.


7. Igralište Batarija (Croatia)

This stage is unique. It is located in the ruins of a castle of the 15th century.


8. Eco-Stadium Janguito Malucelli (Brazil)

The city of Curitiba has managed to build a very green stage, that is to say, with the minimum possible concrete. A hill, on which the plastic seats were placed, provided a forum, and benches were key made of wood.


9. Recep Tayyip Erdoğan Stadium (Turkey)

Located on the heights of the city of Istanbul, the football field was named after the former Turkish President. Part of the land is open city without a net or mesh. A little dangerous right?


10. Mmabatho Stadium (South Africa)

This stage does not look nice but one thing is certain, there is no fighting during games. As you can see, all the fans are on separate platforms, and there are eight.