10 Unusual Animal Friendships That Will Melt Your Heart

Naturally, all of these pictures are heart-breakingly adorable, but there’s more to it than that. Why did these animals form their friendships? Some of them, like the lions, dogs and elephants, are known for forming strong social relationships or even networks in the wild.

In the absence of their prides or packs, it makes sense that they would seek social relationships outside of their own species. Other more solitary animals may form parent-child relationship with animals that they spend time with or that helped raise them, especially if their own parents are gone.

Whatever the reason may be, unusual friendships like these show that animals may be far more emotionally complex than many of us believe. Maybe these friendships are not so unusual after all!

                                                   #1 A hawk and a dog.

1 Unusual Animal Friendships | How Africa News

 #2 A Lion and a Dog


Lifebuzz b2526b5858bcec51f692fecc494dda58 limit 2000 | How Africa News                                                                                     #3 A monkey and a Pigeon

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                                                                                    #4 A lion cub and a Skunk 

Lifebuzz 8532999f38c88f88a2bdfd8a52cc61a8 limit 2000 | How Africa News                                                                             

                                                                        #5 An elephant and a dog 

Lifebuzz 6e9b6d3d1b14f092e948d89dbc6266c5 limit 2000 | How Africa News                           

                              #6 A Bear, Tiger and a lioness  

Lifebuzz 0200f3a99f3cae797161b3931ecee485 limit 2000 | How Africa News                                                            #7 An Orangutan and a dog 

Lifebuzz 5cee687a2a9a542edae4412cb4ac128b limit 2000 | How Africa News

                                                                                   #8 A Dog and  a Fawn 


Lifebuzz 43d38c137142b85a4793493e3409ae26 limit 2000 | How Africa News


                                                     #9 A horse and a cat Horse and Cat | How Africa News

                                                      #10 A Rabbit and a Dog  


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