10 Types Of Couples You’ll Definitely Meet In A Lifetime

We all know some couples who seem so mismatched that we wonder how they ever got together, Still others, by contrast, appear to be the perfect pair until we hear they’re splitting up or getting a divorce. If you’re not in a relationship, you definitely have friends who are.

Here are 10 examples of relationships that you probably have witnessed or been a part of:

1. The Travelers

Oh, the travelers. They’re never home and they always have the greatest stories and experiences to light up any conversation.

2. The “We’re Not Dating” Couple

Let me just tell you something. If you talk everyday and you kiss when you’re sober, you’re definitely dating. Welcome to the relationship side of life.

3. The Partiers

They go out … every night. They know everyone and miss nothing. Seriously, though, how are they not tired or fat?


4. The Hosts

They’re always throwing parties. Dinner parties, Thanksgiving parties, Football parties, etc. Any time there is a chance for a get-together, these two are on it.

5. The Best Friends

This makes for a great couple. They are truly best friends and makes it super pleasant to include them on most outings. Your significant other should definitely be one of your best friends!

6. The Settlers

They just never gave life a chance and ended up with the closest person to them. Unfortunately, most of the time these won’t last.

7. The Destined Couple

Everyone has known for years that these two belong together. It just makes sense.

8. The On Again, Off Again Couple

Break up. Get back together. Repeat.

9. The Nothing in Common Couple

Seriously, where did these two even meet? And how did the conversation go well enough to see each other again?

10. The Inseperables

They seriously can’t do anything independently. Don’t you know you’re supposed to have your own life?


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