10 Top exercises that yield ‘quickest results’

We live in a culture of instant gratification. Whatever we do, we want immediate results. That’s no secret. But the good news is that when it comes to exercise programs, results that are practically immediate are possible. In fact, what follows are 10 exercises that will yield some of the quickest results possible.


1. Pull ups. This one is good for the lats and biceps. Everybody knows how to do this one, but nobody seems to understand just how effective they are. A good number of reps to do is 20, but you should do 50 reps per week. Want a real challenge? Try doing these on rings. It’s tough, but very worthwhile if you want quick results.

2. Rope climb. This one is good for arm/upper body strength. Pull yourself up a 12-foot rope using only your arms. Want some extra burn? Do it slowly.

3. Inverted rows. Great for building the thickness of your mid-back, any variation of this exercise–whether on suspension straps, bars, rings, or ropes–is great. To make this one even more effective, hold the up position for an extra second or two. And keep your elbows tucked into your sides when you do this.

4. Front lever. If you’re looking for an absolute killer exercise for bulding lats, this one will put everything else you do to shame. Four sets of 10 seconds twice a week is plenty for most.


5. Muscle ups. Very few people will ever master the muscle up, but with dedication and practice, you can do it. Try for five reps. That’s a good goal.

6. Handstand pushups. This one is probably best done in phases, but most gymnastics coaches say that it is one of the best exercises for developing overall athleticism. After you can do a handstand, progress to a handstand pushup.

7. Pushup. There’s probably nobody alive who doesn’t know several variations of the pushup, but for overall fitness, nothing can beat it. When you can do 10 one-armed pushups, that’s impressive.

8. Ring fly. This exercise is deceptively simple, and although it is designed to only strengthen the muscles used to cross your body with your arms, it is highly effective. It is also a killer if you attempt it without practice. Do this one standing up or laying down, with rings or on a machine, it’s great for building your arms and chest.

9. Ring dip. This is another one that’s great for arms and chest.

10. Inverted shrug.If you want to look like somebody has put a yoke on your shoulders, try this one.

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