10 Things President Buhari’s Administration Has Achieved So Far

Within the few months of becoming the president of the federal Republic of Nigeria, Buhari has achieved the following things in office…

Although, some people have questioned the integrity of some of these points, nevertheless, it has happened while others are still happening within the space of time

These are:

1. Oil thieves have drastically reduced with the recent arrest of them by Nigerian Navy. It is in this new administration unlike before that foreigners who have been stealing oils are been arrested and prosecuted.

2. It is in this administration that lawlessness was fought head on with strong hand in the recent Army/Shitee face off.

3. It is also in this administration that the untouchables are been arrested, prosecuted and locked up in the on going arms scandal.


4. This is the first time a Nigerian President is about passing a huge budget of N 6 trillion for next year programmes.

5. Almost all the territories in North East held by Boko Haram Sect have been liberated by the Nigerian Army.

6. Smuggling of goods are no longer in sway as it used to be in the past administration.

7. Taxes are been paid by corporate organisations that have not been paying before under the past government.

8. Bribery in government parastatals have reduced drastically.

9. Standard Organisation of Nigeria has woken up to its responsibility.

10. Anti Corruption Crusade is been widely propagated across the country which has never happened during the past administration.


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