10 Things A Lady Expects A Man To Know How To Do

1. Grill
I’m talking gas and charcoal, people. Burgers, dogs, chicken, veggies, the works. Bonus points if you can do that thing where you cook corn, with lime, in tin foil.
2. Drive Stick Shift
Nope, I don’t know how to do it. Nope, I don’t care to ever have a stick-shift car. Yes, I assume you know how to drive one.
3. Change a Tire
I should probably know how to do this too. (I swear, Dad, I’m going to learn some day.) But you definitely should know how to do this.
4. Operate a Drill
And use it to hang a heavy, framed piece of artwork—straight.
5. Troubleshoot a Broken Appliance
Sometimes the fix requires a professional. But I at least want you to be able to do some diagnostic work to reach that conclusion.
6. Assemble Furniture—IKEA or Otherwise
It’s a pain in the ass, but someone’s gotta do it. And that someone is you.
7. Use a Lawn Mower
For that big yard we will have some day.
8. Find Your Way Around
Or at least not be too ashamed to ask for directions.
9. Free a Stuck Car (Thank You, Winter)
Whether by shoveling, pouring salt & kitty litter, or pushing with your own bare hands.
10. Defend Your Lady
Against what, you ask? Anything and everything

Written by PH

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