10 Things You Should Know About River Nile, Africa’s Longest River

The River Nile is 4,184 miles long and spans across 9 countries. It is arguably one of the well known rivers in Africa.

  1. Despite many years of speculation, the source of the river still remains a mystery. Burundi, Uganda and Rwanda have been touted as possible sources.

  2. There has also been some debate about the exact length of the river but a 2006 National Geographic expedition concluded that it had a length of 6,719 kilometers.

  3.  Crocodiles in the Nile attack approximately 200 people a year.
  4. The River Nile flows north.

  5. Ancient Egyptians believed that the Nile was a causeway from life to death to afterlife as they thought people’s spirit traveled down the Nile after they perished.

  6. The Nile has been a source of controversy since countries like Uganda, Sudan, Ethiopia and Kenya have complained that Egypt has largely dominated its water resources.

  7. The Nile has several waterfalls such as the Blue Nile Falls in Ethiopia.

  8. The river and its basin supports half of Egypt’s 80 million population as it is heavily used for irrigation for farming and fishing.

  9.  It is popular with white water rafters and adventure travelers in Uganda where the Nile becomes a roaring rush of water.
  10. People who live near the River Nile consider flooding to be a blessing as  the flooding of the river means that crops and riverbeds can finally be cultivated after a long dry spell.


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