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10 Things Africans Must Do – Dr James Makamba

By Dr James Makamba

1. The most fundamental issue is that of economic productivity. Africa produces very little (relative to other continents) with most of its economies being informal. The continent only contributes 3% to the global economies output. This severely constrains its capacity to deal with the myriad of problems that bedevil the continent.

2. Africa must develop its infrastructure in a sustained and coordinated manner with regional and other partners. Poor infrastructure hinders economic growth.

3. There must be a concerted effort to promote intra-African trade. This is only possible if the continent has productive economies yielding a wide range of goods and services, and has developed infrastructure.

4. Governance must be improved. Lip service is paid to issues of democracy, accountability and human rights. This has a direct bearing on the economy as undemocratic and unaccountable governance soon degenerates into corrupt kleptocracies.


5. A human rights culture must take root on the continent. Many talented Africans live abroad because of poor human rights conditions in their countries.

6. Governments must prioritise universal quality education. No country, region or continent can develop and industrialise without a solid human capital base.

7. Africa must promote people-to-people contacts through tourism and exchanges in sectors such as education, arts and culture.

8. Africa must invest in health services with emphasis on the primary sector. It is embarrassing that in most African countries elites including government leaders seek healthcare outside their borders.

9. Africa’s young population – a potential strength that should give the continent a competitive edge – must be developed through targeted interventions in critical sectors of the economy.

10. There must be a serious and sustained campaign at national, regional and continental levels to root out corruption. Over the decades, this scourge has robbed African people of their resources and stunted economic growth.



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