10 Takeaways from final US Presidential Debate

The third and final presidential debate of the 2016 election is now in the thrash can. The debate, moderated by Chris Wallace of Fox News, came after a tumultuous few weeks for Trump. His slide in state and national polls started with a lackluster performance in the first debate on Sept. 26 and continued with the release of a 2005 recording of Trump making lewd comments about women and subsequent allegations from several women that he inappropriately touched them.

Here are 10 things that happened at the Debate night:

1. Donald Trump might not accept the election result, keeps Americans in suspense for his reason(s).

2. “That’s horrifying,” Hillary Clinton replied. “It just shows, you’re not up to doing the job. He is denigrating, he is talking down our democracy, and I for one am appalled.”

3. At least three Republican senators, among many alarmed voices, immediately objected to the Trump line.

4. The candidates offered sharply differing views on the Supreme Court, gun control, and abortion. Although much of the debate dealt with substantive issues, it quickly got personal and combative when it turned to women’s groping accusations against Trump and to questions of whether he tolerated Russia’s interference in the U.S. election.


5. Trump rejected questions about women who have accused him of sexual assault, branding them fame-seekers and Clinton campaign plants and saying “I don’t know those people.”

6. “Donald Trump thinks belittling women makes him bigger,” Clinton said. “I don’t think there’s a woman out there who doesn’t know what that feels like.”

7. The candidates repeatedly talked over each other, with Trump interjecting “wrong” several times as Clinton spoke. At one point, as she made a jab about his taxes while talking about the Social Security Trust Fund, he proclaimed: “Such a nasty woman.”

8. Clinton turned a question about her emails released by WikiLeaks into a challenge to Trump to condemn Russian hacking. She called Trump Putin’s “puppet”.

9. Trump said the only reason Iraq was going into Mosul was because Clinton was running for president: “She wanted to look tough.” Clinton said he was trapped in conspiratorial thinking.

10. Trump warned about “bad hombre” immigrants and ready to get them out.


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