10 Signs Your Partner Is Having An Affair

Don’t want to be the last to know when your partner is having an affair? Then watch out for the following signs.

#1.Your partner takes the cell phone everywhere.

When your partner chooses to take the phone everywhere, including the bathroom, something might be up. If your partner is attached at the hip to the cell phone there might be cause for alarm.

#2.Your partner always has a reason you cannot hang out or visit their house

When your partner starts to rule out unannounced visit in your relationship, there might be fire on the mountain.

#3.Your partner no longer initiates or seems interested in sex

It is no news that a sudden decrease in interest of having sex could possibly mean your partner is getting satisfaction from someone else.

#4.Your partner falls off the map suddenly and frequently

You are texting or messaging and all of a sudden your partner falls off the map. When asked, your partner does not give a clear or reasonable explanation. There is someone more important than you and it is definitely not his/her mom.


#5.Your partner starts working late… a lot!

Suddenly, when you ask to make plans the excuse is always “I have to work late.” Perhaps the excuse is legitimate on occasion, but when this excuse becomes habitual it could be a red flag for cheating activities.

#6.Always ready to run an errand

When your partner always volunteers to run an errand or looks for insignificant reasons to get out of the house, cheating could be the culprit.

#7.Your partner gets upset if you touch his/her phone

You pick up his phone to check the time or date and your partner overreacts. This response could be an indication that there is something in the phone to hide.

#8.Sudden interest in looking perfect

When your partner starts having a sudden interest in wanting to look perfect and he or she is not doing it to please you, these could be a sign that there is a new person on the block.

#9.Your relationship has been kept a secret

S/he has met your friends but not the reverse. Being kept a secret could be a sign that there is something to hide from you.

#10.Your partner avoids contact with you on social media.

Let us forget the usual affirming each other’s relationship status on Facebook, if you are not allowed to follow him/her on Instagram or you cannot be his/her friend on Facebook, there is a big secret he/she does not want you to know.


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