10 signs your husband is a good man

There are some qualities that make men great husbands, finding these traits is something every woman out there should do

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For most women who are married or want to get married, being with the right man is top priority. He may not be perfect to others but you first have to see him as the best thing in your life.

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There are some qualities that make men great husbands, finding this trait is something every woman out there should do. But remember, it takes two committed people to make a relationship work.

According to Lifehack, here are 10 signs you have a great husband:

1. He stand by you through the good and bad. A very supportive husband will make a woman happy

2. He has a sense of humor. He makes you laugh really hard with silly and funny things he does.

A happy coupleA happy couple

3. He knows what loyalty is all about. A great husband knows there’s only one woman who owns his heart, doesn’t matter the amount of women he comes in contact with everyday.


4. He knows you like no other. He understands you in a deeper level than others. He knows what makes you tick, what makes you sad and happy. He knows your purpose in life.

Happy coupleHappy couple

5. He is very good at communicating. He talks and listens to you and can gist with you about anything.

6. Your safety is his top priority. He tends to your physical and emotional needs and does all he can to protect you from harm.

7. He’s willing to share with you the knowledge he has. He doesn’t have to prove he’s the smartest or wisest but takes his time to make sure you understand what he’s teaching you.

8. He sees you both as equals in strengths and talents. He’s not ashamed or afraid of you in public.

Happy couple in bedHappy couple in bed

9. He enjoys spending time with you. You both enjoy being in each others company and will always have a good time together.

10. Never fails to admit his mistakes and apologises when he’s wrong.


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