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REVEALED: 10 Reasons Women Go Into Lesbianism – (You’ll be shocked with #3, 6 & 8)


These days, there are more lesbians and bisexuals than there are straight women and many can’t fathom why this is so. Africa has been labelled as an anti-homosexual continent with many countries calling for the head of lesbians and homosexuals. Many arguments have been raised in light of these with some saying it’s natural and that homosexuals are born this way, unfortunately we don’t believe in this since there’s no evidence of a gene that can make one a homosexual though scientists have tried very hard to prove it’s existence.

We believe it’s something that is learned and society contributes to this in many ways. A man is born a man and a woman is born a woman until somebody or something pushes them into the habit. We took our pen and paper and stepped out to do a little research about this and the reasons women end up lesbians. The results were interesting and so take your time and go through, 10 reasons why women go into lesbianism.


1. Peer Pressure

Many women have ended up lesbians through friends who introduced them into it. Out of pressure, they succumbed to it and got addicted to the act. Usually when they break their virginity through this act, it  becomes difficult to break out of it because the perception is, that’s the normal copulation until maybe they meet a man who shows them the difference.

Mostly this happens in single sex schools where most girls are into it and it’s seen as the norm and so it’s easy to make others believe so and pressured into it. We spoke to 20 lesbians and out of 20, 15 women were introduced into the act through peer pressure.


2. Financial Difficulties

There are many women out there who really didn’t think about getting into this act but found themselves in it because of money. Most big women who are into this act are usually rich and are able to convince young girls or entice them into the act and for the love of money, many ended up in it.

3. Fear Of Pregnancy

There is the perception out there you can’t get pregnant if you are into lesbianism. Obviously, a woman can’t get you pregnant and so based on this, many women used it as the basis to get into the act and not necessarily because they were born that way.

4. Fear Of Venereal Diseases

There are many women out there who believe the only way to get venereal diseases is by having intercourse with a man and believe doing it with another woman will not be dangerous hence their reason for ending up in the act or so they were told.

5. Hormonal Imbalance

Naturally men have testosterone and women have estrogen as their individual hormones, but for some strange reasons, there are women who have higher levels of testosterone and due to this, they develop feelings for the same sex.

6. Frequent Heartbreaks From The Opposite Sex

There are women out there who are fed up with the normal relationship due to frequent heartbreaks from the opposite sex and so end up with the same sex because they believe their fellow woman will understand them better than their male counterparts.

7. Occultism

In Africa, we have many women who went in for voodoo to make money and usually some of the conditions is to have sex with women to make money and following the rules, they decide to have sex with other women. Most of these women are rich and lure young girls into the act.

8. It’s Cool

Some women find it cool and wish to try it for fun and so end up deep in it.

9. Disciplinarian Parents

There are some parents out there who are so strict, they don’t allow any man near their daughter, but they don’t have any problem with their daughter having female friends. With time, when they get into their adolescent stages and they begin experiencing those sexual urges, they experiment it on each other and before they know it, they are into it.

10. Curiosity

Some women just go into it out of curiosity and nothing else. They’ve heard people talk about it and want to experiment with it to see how it feels like.


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