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10 Quick Tips Before Heading into Africa



















Here is a list of tips you can refer to with links to pages on our Blog that will give you more information.

1. Start planning early:

  • Start planning anytime from 6 months to a year to give you the best chance for securing the trip you would like to go on because the best trips get booked up very quickly.
  • How do you decide on an Africa Safari Tour?

2. Budget for your trip:

  • How to Budget for an Overland Trip to Africa?

3. Decide where to go:

  • Fun-filled Family Safaris
  • What are the Best African Safaris?
  • Where should I travel to?
  • Do you want to go on a Luxury or an Adventure Safari?

4. Decide when to go:

  • Some of South Africa’s Popular Festivals and Events
  • When is the best time to go on an African Safari?
  • When is the Best Time to go on an Overland to East Africa?

5. Book your flight:

  • Flying to Africa
  • Avoid High Airline Fees

6. Sort out your Visas and Passports

7. Get Travel Insurance:

  • Why Travel Insurance is a good idea
  • Why is Travel Insurance so Important?
  • Adventure Travel Insurance

8. Get your vaccinations

9. Check out our safety tips

10. Get your gear together:

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