10 Photography Tricks That Will Blow Your Mind Away

Photography is a big deal in this day and age and every photographer is going above and beyond to ensure that their photos stand out.

Amazing photography tricks combined with the magic that is photoshop and some images end up looking surreal.

Ever seen a breath-taking picture and wondered how the photographer got to pull it off?

Whether it was an underwater shot, or a photo mid-storm or some unexplained photo that breaks all the known laws, the images below will show you how these pictures are created to give that final effect.

10 Photography Tricks That Will Blow Your Mind Away:

1. Vintage Cars

pjimage (3)

The top image looks like a simple photo of vintage cars on a street. It doesn’t seem like a complicated shot at first glance until the behind-the-scenes photo which reveals the vintage cars are actually miniature toys. We imagine the photographer went to great lengths to get the right perspective and positioning for the final product.

2. Underwater Shot

pjimage (4)

Looking at the image on the left at first glance makes one wonder how anyone can be so calm and look dreamy underwater. The tousled hair and light reflections certainly give off the impression that this Asian model is underwater and serving a perfect smize.

However, the image on the right show’s he’s mortal after all. Nonetheless, we have got to give props to the set designers who got the image to look so perfect.

3. Surreal Levitation

pjimage (7)

Top photo: ” Wow they’ve got to have superb stamina”, “she must be a gymnast”, “why do they look so calm. Isn’t anyone scared of breaking a limb?”

Bottom photo: “Oh, there’s a ladder”.

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4. Burgerific!

pjimage (8)

Ever seen a burger commercial where all the “layers” of the burger seem to just “magically” fall serially while also laying perfectly on top each other? Well, it’s safe to say it’s not all magic as you can see in the ‘before’ photos, its all thanks to brilliant photography tricks.

5. Bokeh Hearts

pjimage (9)

In photography, the term ‘bokeh’ is used to describe the aesthetics rendered by out-of-focus lights. It is one of the most common photography tricks used especially during the holidays, or to capture night life.


However, in real life we obviously do not see heart-shaped blurred lights in the air, so how do photographers create this ‘love is in the air’ look. As seen in the photos on the right, you do not need to be versed in photoshop, just have a black paper, cut out the heart shape, have your camera on the right setting and voila! You are a pro now.

6. Chasing Storms

pjimage (10)

For anyone who has ever been caught in a storm, I imagine the last thing on their mind in that moment is whipping out their phone to take the perfect shot of the hurricane– not if you care for your life anyway or your smartphone which doesn’t come cheap these days. However, with a creative set design and the perfect lighting, you can take a photo of the “perfect storm” without risking your life or your gadget.

7. Gummy Cereal

pjimage (11)

Although the point of food ads is to get people to buy the products advertized by visually stimulating their taste buds, the advertized product itself is hardly ever edible. The reason being that these artificially manipulated foods can be controlled to look perfect in images.

For instance, cereal in milk gets soggy and that hardly ever looks good in pictures, at least, not good enough to coerce the viewers to buy more of them. So instead, glue is used, and the cereal is strategically placed to look like the yummy breakfast bowl we all love.

8. Bouncing Baby

pjimage (12)

Well, it’s good to know the photographer doesn’t just “wing it” by hoisting the baby in the air and letting him fall back. Knowing that the levitation effect was done post-photo is such a huge relief.

9. Magical lights


Few photos look great in low lighting like light painting with sparklers do. They add this magical and romantic feel to photos, especially when used in wedding photos. Although there are some software that now allow for these effects to be done post-capture, the traditional way involves getting sparklers and creating the illustration with the sparklers while taking a long exposure shot.

10. The Perfect Reflection

pjimage (13)

Getting that good water reflection photo never comes easy, and as we have learned today, getting any good shot it’s not as straight-forward as the final product often looks.


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