10 Of The Best Hot Springs in South Africa

Hot springs in South Africa are geothermal treasures offering their invigorating waters to visitors, unfortunately, few people take the time to visit them. Most of the hot springs in South Africa were formed by ancient volcanic activity and the surrounding landscape is incredible. Since the springs are usually located a bit off the beaten path, you see areas that won’t normally be covered on a typical journey. Venturing from the standard trip doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice luxury, though. The majority of South African hot springs have been developed into resorts with full amenities and services. Here are 10 of the best hot springs in South Africa.




1. Goudini Hot Springs and Spa

Its close proximity to Cape Town makes this an ideal spot for visitors who want to explore the city. It has indoor and outdoor pools, and the warm water is especially enjoyable on cold evenings. Miniature golf and trampolines around the area help to keep children occupied.


the baths

2. The Baths

This resort is located on a citrus farm a two-hour drive away from Cape Town and the hot springs have a temperature of 43 degrees celsius. With the Olifants River Valley as a backdrop, this refuge is noted for its beautiful setting. It has both hot and cold-water pools, along with activities such as tennis and hiking.

 3. Warmwaterberg

Warmwaterberg Spa is located near Swellendam in the Western Cape near several nature reserves, including Anysberg and Groot Swartberg. Visitors to this spa enjoy soaking in the piping hot water, which is fresh from the source at 44 degrees celsius. The spa has two hot pools, one cold water pool, and Roman baths. Guests also enjoy the spa’s specially formulated bath salts.


4. Caledon Spa And Casino

Located off the N2 highway, Caledon is a two-hour drive from Cape Town. In addition to the warm mineral baths, this spa has six treatment rooms and a rain spa. A wealth of dining and entertainment options is also available after you relax.


5. Calitzdorp Spa

Located just west of Oudtshoorn and close to Warmwaterberg, this spa’s mineral hot spring is known for its revitalizing properties. Minerals including manganese and iron bubble up from the ground source and are great for the skin. The spa offers spectacular views of the surrounding area, which adds to the element of relaxation.

6. Bela-Bela

Bela-Bela is 175 kilometers north of Johannesburg set in a stunning and tranquil landscape. The name is derived from Tswana, and means boiling-boiling, an indication of the vast amount of heat generated. The spa’s visitors now use these waters to heal and soothe as the Tswana people did hundreds of years ago. Visitors get close to nature by taking hikes and nearby wildlife.

7. Badplaas Sulphur Springs

Badplaas is located on the eastern border of South Africa near Swaziland. A resort was built up around these healing waters, offering visitors the chance to experience their health-giving properties. The waters are known as emanza (healing waters) by the Swazi people. The spa channels the waters to one cold pool, three hot pools and four private pools.

8. Riemvasmaak

Riemvasmaak is located near Upington in the Augrabies Falls National Park. Volcanic eruptions produced these pristine waters which can be accessed through a deep ravine. The pools sit in the midst of lush vegetation and wildlife, which appeals to hikers.

9. Montagu Springs

From Cape Town, Montagu Springs is a three hour drive via R318 road. Guests at this resort pay relatively low rates to visit the hot mineral springs. The resort has hot and cold pools, along with a pool just for kids. The area is known for its beautiful tropical setting and bird life.

10. Avalon Springs

Avalon Springs is located just down the road from Montagu Springs, and its waters flow from a fissure in a rock at 43 degrees celsius. The hot spring’s water is channeled to different pools, with accompanying fun slides. Waters at Avalon remain unaffected even in extreme drought conditions.


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