10 Nail Symptoms And What They Mean For Your Health

A healthy nail can bend slightly, be rounded at the tip and has a light pink color. If your nails do not look like this description, it may not be serious, but sometimes a change in your nails may be a sign of a more serious illness. You should not take lightly the following 10 symptoms.

1-Brittle nails

This is not just a problem in women. Most of the time you have brittle nails due to household, dishes and / or because of the frequent use of solvent. But brittle nails can also be a sign of thyroid dysfunction. Other symptoms are fatigue, weight loss and hair loss.

2-Nails curved upwards

If you have nails curled up, this could be the sign of a lack of oxygen in your body, possibly due to a dysfunction of the heart and / or lungs.

3-Slots on the side

Grooves on your nails can be alarming symptoms of a serious health problem such as an infection or a heart attack.

4-Slots along the length


They usually appear in old age. Thin grooves may be a sign of psoriasis, circulatory disorders and / or type of alopecia. Ask for a doctor’s opinion if you just have a large groove, it could be a nail tumor.

5-White spots

Most often these white spots have nothing to do with nutritional deficiencies, but these are rather traces that your nail has been damaged in the past. Do not worry, they usually disappear with the nail regrowth.

6-Pale nails

If you have noticed that your nails are becoming paler, it could be a sign of anemia that often affects smokers and diabetics.

7-Thick and yellow nails

Doctors call it “yellow nail syndrome”. This often affects people with bronchitis or who have diseases that affect the airways. But yellow nails can also be a sign of water and / or mushroom retention.

8-Brown or black nails

If you have not varnished one of these two colors, you probably have a small wound under the nail. But if a brown or black spot appears without injury, seek the advice of a doctor because it could be a sign of a skin disease.

9-Blue nails

If your blood does not have enough oxygen, your nails turn blue. It could be a sign of a lung disease or a weak heart.

10-Nails half and half

If your nail has a clear color but the tip is red or brown, it could be a sign of a kidney problem.


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