10 Most Influential Black People

Martin Luther King Jr

Michael jackson really? He’s only a singer… This man changed the world and would have kept changing the world if not for his tragic death.M+9

This guy is the reason behind the respect of any black man, without him Obama wouldn’t have been president, and M. J wouldn’t have been a singer.

Think carefully before you vote… this guy changed the WORLD! – DJZeezoM+6

I LOVE this guy! For real! I used to listen to his speech I have a dream all the time. At one point, we where learning about it in class and where split up into groups. We where told to pick someone to read the speech to the rest of the speech and this one guy decided to go. The entire time I was pissing him off by saying the whole speech while he did it! LOL! – dipperpinesfangirl618M

Given they are still trying to get rid of his legacy and are willing to get rid of every Black person who is a direct inheritor of his work (English speaking Black people in the US) he cannot be discounted.Mnew

2VoteEMichael Jackson

It is said that he used his fortune amassed from his artistic success to donate over 300 million to charity, and supported around 39 charities. He and Lionel Richie wrote a song that was responsible for saving millions of lives in Africa during the deep famine in the 80’s. His legacy is not just his music, it is the message of unity, love, and brother/sisterhood that will last for generations. He also substantially changed the face of popular music and video in America and the world, breaking racial barriers every step of the way. From the chitlin circuit to owning the most valuable music catalogue in the world, to breaking every musical record ever set, this man gave his all, and did it with humility and love.M+6

Such an amazing man, full of passion and compisition. Even today his greatest hits can still be heard amongst the biggest radio stations across the world. With early fame an success he went on to continue to go from strength to strength with no1. singles such as “Thriller”, “Man in the mirror”, “Beat it” and such others.M

he is the most influential person in the world not just as a black person!M-1

3VoteENelson Mandela

This is a world icon, he should be number 1 because he stated “I have fought against white domination I have fought against black domination and I have an ideal that we all could live as one and if need be my lord it is an ideal I am prepared to die for”. He endured 27 years of imprisonment and still forgive the people who put in there. I know I could never endured that pain but if you could then maybe you should on the list!M+10

This man was a true genius, he fought for peace and remains in the heart of not only Africans but people all around the world. Michael Jackson inspired pop artists not precisely African Americans. He’s only being voted at the top because of sympathy votes.M+9

Not because I’m from his country but because this man of honor did not want any kind of oppressionM+1

I’m so sorry he died 🙁Mnew

EMalcolm X

The fact that Malcolm X isn’t number one is sad. He told the unadulterated, politically incorrect truth about race in America. Whereas MLK talked about a dream, Malcolm preached the ugly reality. He encouraged Black people to learn their true history, be proud of who they are, and to rely on each other. He deserves every bit of the celebration and reverence that King gets.M


If there is a prophet in this century, Malcolm is the man.
He fought for something that is rarely championed by the historical figure..
He fought for the knowledge that people know and understand what they stand for.. not fighting blind..M+3

5VoteERosa Parks

She helped M.L. K and was the major push for the civil rights movement when she refused to give up her seat in the black section when then white section was full.M+1

Utter bravery which contributed to a sea change.M

6VoteEOprah Winfrey

Beaten and abused, Winfrey is one of the greatest talk show hosts of all time-she was even named the most paid female T.V. entertainer of 2010. She helps women all around the world with her Charities and she is one of the best talk show hosts to walk this earth.M+12

Most people don’t even understand the depth of why she has a channel called “OWN” and what she is telling you in that one word. Black people need to take heed to that.M

EBob Marley

Changed my views on the world, he also changed my thought process if I become successful he is partially to blameM+9

He is a great icon! Live that man. He changed my views on this earthM+2

Marley should be on top pf this list because he help me change my views on other races. and he is one of my idols and brought his message all over the world and his gole I want to surpass he reached billions and gave our people a good name and I want my talent to be world wide like his. and who ever is reading this I’m 14 now but remember this name Jasiah Nasier Thomas x creed. I will become the most successful black men I the world.M

ETupac Shakur

He was so influential just listen to Brenda’s got a Baby or Keep ya Head Up! Those were very Influential songs! Tupac’s legacy is still shown today, and he is still making albums 15 years after his death.M+6

This man changed my life. A man who called it how he saw something, and wasn’t afraid to speak his mind. All those that considered him a gangster are wrong- he was not only a rapper, he was an activist. He strived to make a change in the world and to try to bring black and whites together. And boy, did he. His influence follows me every day. Whenever I get angry or sad, I listen to Tupac’s music, telling me,” You’ve got to keep your head up.” R.I.P Tupac ShakurM

Definitely deserves being up here… Just listening to his records and you could see that he is for real.. No pretending or faking, he spits those lyrics from his heart all the way.M+3

Died at age 25 and accomplished so much and had huge plans to accomplish more and to leave rap. He would be first on the list if he lived 10 or 20 more years.Mnew

EBill Cosby

When Lisa Bonet wouldn’t come out vigorously for him, that told me everything. Sad sad.M

EBarack Obama

He help kill osama bin ladenM+3

He is unarguable the most powerful black man on earth. He is championing the worlds most effective democracyM-5

I would count him as first over Michael Jackson. He hasn’t do to much for people and people will always remember Barack Obama But Michael Jackson will be long forgotten after 50 years from now. But Obama and Martin Luther King should be tied for first



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