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10 Most Evil Rulers in History (#1 will shock you)

Today we come with a top 10 list of history’s most evil rulers. At highest level, who’s thecruelest ruler ever in history? A king like Napoleon who led thousands to their deaths? The President like Bush who used his wealth for political gain and creating violence? A despot like Idi Amin who overthrew the ruler ship and placed himself in power ruling with an iron fist? Or the 20th Century war-mongers like Hitler or Stalin?

When it comes to becoming a ruler, not everyone can handle that job. Some pass the test of time while others prove to be the worst rulers as the generations ahead would remember them. It is interesting to know what makes a ruler one of the worse in history. For this, the article will focus on the ten most evil rulers of all time.

10. Robert Mugabe

Evil Rulers of Zimbabwe

Elected as president of Zimbabwe, Mugabe also tortured countless people terming them to be trouble makers or opponents of his regime. He left journalists muzzled and rigged two elections held in his era. Mugabe has been named one of the world’s “worst dictators” for having a questionable human rights record. He is widely criticized for his inadequate handling of the economy, human rights abuses and his refusal to step down from office.

9. Bashar Al-Assad

Evil Rulers of Syria
Known as a horrible and inconsiderate leader, Bashar Al-Assad deprived the citizens of Syria of their basic necessities. He was also seen to be a part of violent repressions. He ran unopposed in the 2007 presidential election, and his secret police force (the Mukhabarat) has routinely disappeared, tortured, and killed political activists. Since 2011, the Syrian Army and security services have been using tanks and rockets against members of the Syrian opposition as well as ordinary civilians.

8. Omar al-Bashir

Evil Rulers of Sudan
Field Marshall Omar Hassan Ahmad Al-Bashir is the President of Sudan and the head of the National Congress Party. He is in power since 1989. He is wanted by the International Criminal Court for war crimes and crimes against humanity, namely in the Darfur region. Despite the warrant, he freely travels to sympathetic countries to flaunt his relative immunity among friends. 2.7 million people are believed to have been displaced since 2003 as a result of his military campaign against the Darfur rebels.

7. Francisco Franco

Evil Rulers of Spain

The Spanish military leader who ruled as the dictator of Spain from 1939 until his death. Franco was famous for torturing his people. Furthermore, he also became the de facto regent of the restored Kingdom of Spain which made him even worse in the eyes of the public.


6. Than Shwe

Evil Rulers
Burma’s senior general Than Shwe comes hold 6th place in our list. He is ruler of Burma’s military junta since 1992. Shwe’s true colors were revealed to the international community in the aftermath of Nargis when he prohibited rescue and aid groups from reaching cyclone victims.

5. George H. W Bush

USA Evil Rulers
Elected as the 41st president of the United States, George H. W Bush is known to be one of the worst rulers mainly because of the economic policy he brought to the United States of America. This caused the national debt to rise sharply.

4. Queen Ranavalona I of Madagascar

Queen Madagascar
Also known as the Mad Queen of Madagascar. Similar to Zedong, Queen Ranavalona I of Madagascar was responsible for killing one million people and above. She managed to get killed 10,000 people in a single week which makes the worst of all.

3. Ariel Sharon

Israeli Evil Rulers
Known to have annoyed the French and having narrow-minded opinions regarding minorities, Sharon is an Israeli prime minister who happens to be on the list for all the controversies he has been a part of.

2. Queen Mary I

Bloody Queen
Also known as Bloody Mary, Queen Mary I is thought of as one of the worst rulers in the history. Her attempt to turn back England into Roman Catholic was not a good move and that led her to burn 300 protestants as well. It is said that due to her England lost its territory to the French. She’s considered one of the most evil women in history.

1. George W. Bush

Evil Rulers Bush

George W. Bush was elected in the 2000 as USA’s 43rd president. There are many reasons why he is a part of this list, including one of his poor decision-making skills. Most people believe and it is true that he is responsible for a large proportion of the violence creates in the world today. Of course he is one of the cruelest rulers of his era. The so-called war against terrorism he started took millions of life. Many researches ranks Bush near the very bottom in history, due to delusional wars, reckless spending and inflexibility. In 2010 Siena ranking of presidential scholars, Bush was rated as one of the nation’s five worst presidents. In 2009 C-SPAN ranking Bush top at eight worst presidents.


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  1. Robert Mugabe? I think that you are misinformed. Otherwise, you see, analyze, conclude and write through western prism and conceptions.
    Oftentimes, the west labels leaders, especially African leaders, that refuse to kowtow illicit demands or not give in for them to come suck the African people’s blood, to loot African people’s economy or control it, the west brands such African leaders with highly contentious, slandering epithets with intention to soil their reputations and make them unpopular.

  2. Add Museveni of Uganda for incarcerating his former doctor and bush war comrade Kizza Besigye under house arrest for the past five years without trial, and masterminding military interventions in Rwanda,which led to genocide,and Democratic Republic of Congo which resulted into losses of millions of life and property and for which Uganda was ordered by the International Court to pay 10 billion US $ in reparations .

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