10 most dangerous countries in Africa

Africa has been known to be a peaceful
continent since many years ago.
However, the current rating leaves
Africa a mixed up Continent. There are
some of the nice and safest countries in
Africa and at the same time, there are
most dangerous countries within the
same Africa characterized with wars
and instability. Have this opportunity
to identify the top 10 most dangerous
places in Africa. We can term the
places ‘ No go zones’.
10. Ethiopia
Ethiopia ranks the tenth non-safe place
in Africa. The recent wars between
Ethiopia and Eritrea over border has
made the country a risky place since
one can never be sure when the next
gun sound will be heard.

9. Burundi
Burundi has witness over 25 years of
political wars amongst the citizens.
There has never been any meaningful
and peaceful political activity in
Burundi . Many talks have been held as
well as civic education, but still not.
Burundi is therefore a risky place.
Most Dangerous Places in Africa

8. Zimbabwe

Zimbabwe is not a new name when
discussing dangerous places . Zimbabwe
has been economically shaken due to
political foes. The country has the
highest inflation in the world. Criminal
activities such as robbery with violence
are on a rise. The kind of government
in Zimbabwe is a confirmed
dictatorship type.

7. Chad

Though it can be noted that Chad has
improved ranking, it is still not a safe
place since there are some traces of
war even after the peace talks. The war
between the government and rebels
made Chad one of the most dangerous
places in Africa.

6. Nigeria

Nigeria has witnessed consistent inter-
religious conflicts between Christians
and Muslims. Besides, terrorists have
marked Nigeria as a target and this has
made Nigeria experience the worst
terrorist attacks including blasts.
Though Nigeria is not so much unsafe,
it is a dangerous place to visit.


5. Libya

Libya has never been a peaceful
country although the political
revolution and protests towards the
last minutes of Muammar Gaddafi
intensified the situation. Currently,
peaceful talks by UN are on in Libya
over the same as it still remains a
dangerous place.

4. Central African Republic

This country is known for wars
between the government and the
rebels. The attempt of a peace treaty
signing in 2008 was never successful
since some of the rebel groups never
signed. This country therefore remains
dangerous since attacks can begin any

3. Democratic Republic of Congo

This country has a history of around
5.4 million deaths of civilian citizens
has ever occurred as a result of wars.
Most battles are based on border
insecurity and violence. This country is
prone to attacks from al-Qaida and the
Ugandan rebel, Lord Resistance Army

2. Sudan

Due to constant news on wars, Sudan
has been declared unsafe for human
settlement. Border conflicts and
Political conflicts are the main causes
of war in Sudan . The wars are always
intensified by ideological differences
between the government of Sudan and
the government of South Sudan .
Therefore, Sudan becomes the second
worst and most dangerous place in

1. Somalia
Somalia has witness 20 years of civil
war between the Transition Federal
Government and the Islamic rebels.
These killings and destruction has led
to total destruction of the country and
you cannot be pleased with how the
country looks like.This country has
been having constant wars that have
really affected the country’s economy.
However, there is no permanent
situation and all these countries that
are considered to be the top 10 most
dangerous places in Africa will
ultimately regain the lost glory of
peaceful co-existence. Remember
Rwanda’s rank 10 years ago and
compare with now. It was the most
dangerous, now Rwanda might be
found among the most peaceful.

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  1. I totally deny and object.Africa is the safe place you post this after Africans discussed it’s unite. Leave the problem Africa to Africans and stop issuing weapons to young Africans. I pray to Almighty Lord to eliminate Europeans and Americans from Africa. Too much evil acts was introduced in Africa. Africa was a garden of Eden now the snake (white supremacy) came and made Africans to sin against the creator whilst the white people gained land and enslave us.white people are children of the devil. Jesus said they are weeds of the truth and the world. Resist them they will flee from you. I’m calling upon all Africans to resist these weeds and their western style of life.lets change the way we eat, look, think, dress, behave and treat each other. We are just accompanying these hell dwellers to their destiny.they are thieves liars swindlers smooth talkers. Change please.

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