10 Most Beautiful Ivorian Women

They rotate more than one head in their path. They are divas, beauty queens, but also talented women that are the pride of the Ivorian people. Here are the top 10 most beautiful Ivorian women.

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2. Dominique Ouattara, the “National Mom”

The first lady or the “national mother” as nicknamed Ivorians face second. Mrs. Dominique Ouattara was able to be loved by his people although it is not of Ivorian origin. The president’s wife has acquired a personality other than that “From a wife.” She passed that way and has been transformed into a true first lady taking up the case on behalf of his people. For Ivorians is a mother figure with a big heart.

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3. Nayanka Bell, the singer with the plastic dream

Nayanka Bell turns the hearts and heads with his golden voice, but also its stunning plastic.Franco-Ivorian singer no longer inflames the scenes, but his appearances as always ablaze hearts. Nayanka Bell is one of Ivorian artists who has managed to ethnic origin in the service of his art. The result allowed him to register his name or letter among the best female artists in Africa.

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4. Isabelle Beke, beauty golden honey color in the sun

The models are reputed to be beautiful. Isabelle Beke is no exception to this rule. Beautiful and glamorous, this young girl holds a DEUG in Applied Foreign Languages, finally preferred the glitz and glitter less exposed to life of a young girl in the ordinary everyday life. Model and actress, she starred in popular films long. The earliest was a resounding success in Africa because it was an adaptation of “The Bet of love”, a hit as the famous novels of the Ivorian adoras Collection.

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5. Hyllen Legré

The beautiful Hyllen was elected Miss France in Ivory Coast and the first runner of the contest Miss Ivory Coast. To these securities and bewitching look, it has its place in this ranking.

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6. Aissata Dia, Miss Ivory Coast 2013, Miss forever

The ancient sacred Miss in 2013 remained in the hearts and memories of all Ivorians as one of the most beautiful women of the country, a flower that can not be ignored in this garden where enthroned incredible divas. Two years after his coronation, the girl is still beautiful, comely and engaging.

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7. Isabelle Anoh, lined elegance of a bewitching charm

It could have been a beauty queen. Instead, she is content to be the torchbearer of African fashion and especially Ivorian. Isabelle Anoh, the woman at the pearly skin and piercing eyes, entrepreneur, editor of the Ivorian Magazine Fashion Africa Fashion, host, and actress in his spare time, is a model for all the women in his country and the subregion -region.Multidimensional character, it fascinates and commands the respect of all.

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8. Isabelle Moreno, glamor and talent

The most famous make-up artist from Ivory Coast has all the assets and tricks to be on this list.She is not only beautiful, but the light shining in his eyes suggests a surprising intelligence.After a pretty modeling career, Isabelle Moreno is dedicated to his personal businesses and especially its makeup business. His aesthetic sense and his love for the beautiful hoisted among the best in the industry, at least on the African plan. This glamorous woman in many faces can be proud of the way.

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9. Marie Christine Beugré, the full beauty of sweetness

She announced shine with a bright smile and even when she talks about rain, its beauty eclipsed all the gray clouds. Miss Christine Beugré is the weather of national television. She is also a facilitator who has intervened on several occasions on a varied genre of programming. With its authentic and typical beauty, she could not miss its entry in the rankings select.

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10. Teeyah

This is the Franco-Ivorian singer with a haunting voice singing love in all its colors. Men love everything about her, her smile, her luscious lips, her golden complexion, her shape and her talent blossomed. It’s a celebrity around the world, especially in Africa and the Caribbean.

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