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10 Mind Blowing Facts About Didier Drogba [6 & 7 will thrill you]


Through struggle and hard work, Didier Drogba, the Ivorian professional footballer, Chelsea Premier league striker, a former captain of the Ivory coast national team and one of the most decorated player in the history of Premier league competition, has become a household name following his many feats on the field as a striker who would score a goal at every opportunity.

But even as famous as he has gotten, there are still some facts you did not know about Drogba that would blow your mind. So this is a list of 10 facts you most probably never knew about Drogba.

1#1: Hunger Made Him a Star

Did you know that if not for hunger and harsh living conditions that drove Drogba’s parents to relocate to France in an effort to find greener pastures or to live the dream, you might never have heard of Drogba. If they had not moved who knows if Drogba would still be alive, he might have died of hunger by now because obviously the conditions there are worse than our own here in Nigeria. So maybe we should say a very big thanks to the hunger and harsh living conditions in Ivory coast that gave us a star and an icon in soccer

2#2: His Uncle Introduced Him to Football

Did you also know that if it was not for good old uncle Michel who taught Drogba the necessary antics in soccer, he might not have gotten to the top much less become a star in the field. So if uncle Mitchel had been a Trader or a Banker or even a Barber, Drogba would have been the best Barber in France, who knows people might have had to travel all the way to France to get a haircut.

3#3: Drogba Has a Namesake

Shocking! Didier Drogba’s namesake, Didier Drogba, the famous Ivorian diver was born a daughter, underwent a gender conversion therapy at age 7, became a man and is still a man today. What if Drogba’s parents had decided they wanted a girl. Well that would not have affected his legs so he might have equally been a star in female football. On the other hand, what if his namesake had remained a woman? (this one is question for the gods)

drogba_1#4: He Has Scored Over a 100 Premier League Goals


Drogba is currently world’s 23rd player with 100+ premier league goals and the 9th quickest player to achieve such a feat. that’s quiet a feat, it’s not easy to score one goal talk more of a 100 goals. if you doubt that ask some Super eagles players that almost trekked back to Nigeria after the qualifier for World cup 2015. At least in the case of Drogba, no one has ever asked him to trek.

5#5: His Younger Brothers are Equally Footballers

Drogba’s younger bothers followed in his steps to becoming footballers. we just have not heard as much about them as we have about him. I guess you could say that the little we did hear, we heard under the limelight of their big brothers’ success. So automatically if Drogba had become a Professional Barber, we might never had know that he even had brothers much less hear about them. But if they had gone to old Uncle Mitchel, he might have equally helped them to becoming stars.

4#6: Drogba is a Certified Accountant

I bet you dint know that even though Drogba is a good footballer, he was equally sailing on high seas with his studies as he took up the study of Accountancy. Seeing as he was kicked out of his high school football team for failing a class, i guess it made him realise how important his studies should be or maybe he just needed a diversion

1#7: He is a Catholic

Did you know that Drogba like a true African is a devoted catholic? Oh yes he is. So even though he goes to the Mosque sometimes he still remains a christian. He might actually be the one in charge of the gate of heaven on the last day so when you see him on the streets, be nice to him.

5#8: The Tattoo on His Arm Has a Sentimental Meaning

The Tattoo on Drogba’s arm represents the things that he cherishes most; the names of his four kids (that’s Family). a rosary (his faith), his player number (position) and his date of birth. You could say he likes to keep them close to him at all time like a lucky charm that helps him score the goals he needs.

2#9: Football Lovers Consider Him a Legend

Chelsea fans and soccer lovers consider Drogba a legend when it comes to football. lets face it, anyone who has scored over a hundred goals is definitely a legend and an icon. he might not be the first to score over a hundred goals but he is the first African player to do it so I think he deserves a Salute.

#10: His Return to Chelsea Was Easy

Well if you knew all of the nine facts above I’m most certain you did not know that Drogba is not planning on leaving Chelsea any time soon. He sees his move back to Chelsea as a very easy decision, one he did not have to think on for too long before coming to a conclusion (when you know, you know. right?)


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