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10 Main Reasons Why Young People Start Businesses

Today many  successful companies in business were started by young people.In fact some of the most powerful Internet companies were started by young people and daily young people are starting out as entrepreneurs. What is it that motivates young people to start out on their own? When Mark Zuckerberg started he was just a teenager in university.He wanted to change the world


There has never been a better time for young people to start a business than 2012.  A young entrepreneur will find there are lots of advantages to start out on their own in this current market. We believe that the following reasons will inspire young entrepreneurs to take a shot at been self employed this year.

Become your own boss.

You simply call the shots, and you report to no one but you. It comes with its own challenges but with the right attitude and energy you can only  win. Imagine been in control of your time. Not having anyone watching over you.  No one controlling where you have to be paying yourself what you so wish and not having to beg for a raise.

Creating employment

How many of your friends are not employed that you could offer positions in your company to offer their expertise and talents for a wage. Your relatives could benefit by getting something to do if they have spare time to help out and get paid for their pains. Help unemployed graduates desperate for a break into the world of work.


Learning on the job

Entrepreneurship is not easy and not one person gets it right the first time. It will give you an opportunity to learn about business from other business people through networking. Having a mentor could be very helpful in taking you through those difficult issues that will need experience to solve.


When it is all said and done, most people go into business for profit. Money is what sets us free from having to rely on other people for our day to day living and all that we need to survive in this world. When the money comes in, you could then afford those holidays you have dreamt about all your life, that sport car that seemed like a distant dream away  could be yours if you you work hard and smart at your business.




A burning desire to achieve something more than others will always set you apart no matter what you decide to do. Passion is what makes entrepreneurs grow businesses from scratch to world renowned companies. The never giving up on your vision attitude.


Reduced Tax 

Imagine getting a cheque from the tax man for deductions claimed for your  home-office. If your business is based at home you could claim  expenses such as Internet, supplies and marketing materials.

Cheaper talent

When ever there is a recession there is always so much talent that is available due to the jobs that are scarce. You can bag yourself a bargain of talent in these lean times. It all becomes a win-win situation for both parties involved.

Take a plunge

You take pride in that you started a business not knowing what it will turn out to be.  Sheer vision and a desire to succeed will see you through. You have nothing to lose, the world is yours. When one is young it is easier to take that challenge of starting a business without a lot of risk. What’s the worst thing that can happen.


Personal Freedom

You choose where you want to work from, a lot of people will prefer to be flexible. You also get to decide what hours and when you would like to work.

The Internet

With the insurgence of the web not only do you have your local customers but your business can go global by means of the internet. Many marketing platforms are available like, interacting with customers on Sharing news with potential customers on tweeter. Meeting potential employees on linkedin. The list is endless but that is the power of the internet.


In these days when everybody is nervous about starting out, only the bold will make it by taking that simple step of deciding to start a business and see it through. This is the right time to start why not go for it.


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