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10 Interesting Facts About Superstar Venus Williams!!

Venus Ebony Starr Williams is an African-American sports sensation. Williams is a professional tennis superstar that doesn’t need any introduction. Williams is an all-time favorite tennis player who started her professional career with her sister Serena Williams. She has done a tremendous effort in the sports world and has achieved many titles that have even made history at some places. We have some of the most interesting facts for you related to Venus Williams just to know a little more about her.

  1. Venus Williams was born on the 17th of June 1980 in Lynwood, California.
  2. She was born to Oracene Price and Richard Williams.
  3. Williams is extremely talented from her childhood and at the age of seven, her talent was looked by a professional local tennis player Tony Chesta who knew she will be a superstar I future.
  4. When she was 10-years-old, her family moved permanently from Compton, California to West Palm Beach, Florida. The decision was made just to let the two girls attend the famous tennis academy of “Rick Macci”.
  5. Additional coaching was provided by Rick Macci after observing the intense talent in both the sisters. He always encouraged them to play and learn their best.
  6. When they were eleven, Richard stopped sending them to the academy and wanted them to focus more on their schoolwork.
  7. Venus Williams’s adaptation to grass is very strong and she feels much comfortable on a grass court. This is all reflected in her five major Wimbledon single Grand Slam titles.
  8. She holds an amazing record of the fastest serve which she did in three of her Grand Slams. One was in French Open 2007, one in Wimbledon final 2008 and other in U.S. Open 2007.
  9. Williams started her professional career on October 31, 1994, when she was just 14-years-old. This was the time when she dedicated her life towards tennis along with her talented sister Serena Williams.
  10. Williams holds an awesome record and has been ranked World no. 1 by the great Women’s Tennis Association on three different occasions which were for total 11 weeks. She is now ranked World no. 11 in singles.

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