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10 Interesting Facts About Child Actor Jaden Smith!!

Blacks have always been favorite in the field of acting. They know how to grab the attention of the audience with their superb acting skills. Same is the case with child actor Jaden Smith. Just like his father Will Smith he has some amazing acting abilities by birth. His various performances show his intense love for acting and dancing but that’s not enough there are a lot more things that are fascinating about this African/American kid to some more idea about this fantastic actor.


Here we present 10 of the most interesting facts about Jaden Smith just to know a little more about him:

  1. Jaden Smith was born on the 8th of July 1998 in Malibu, California to the actors Will Smith and Jada Pinkett Smith. He has a younger sister Willow Smith who is an excellent singer.
  2. Jaden’s father Will Smith is one of the famous actors who has starred in blockbuster movies such as Men in Black, Independence Day and I’m Legend.
  3. His mother, Jada Pinkett Smith, is also a very successful Black actress who has appeared in Matrix Trilogy, The Nutty Professor and Collateral.
  4. Smith has always been given a normal upbringing, despite his parents being one of the influential actors of Hollywood.
  5. He started his acting career in 2006 with the movie “The Pursuit of Happiness.”
  6. Smith also began in the fantastic remake of “Karate Kid” alongside Jackie Chang and “The Day the Earth Stood Still.”
  7. He is not only an actor but an amazing dancer and a quick rapper. He has won an MTV award for his incredible performance in the movie “The Pursuit of Happiness.”
  8. Jaden has made a recent press statement, claiming an idea that he will soon be controlling all his money and assets and might emancipate from his parents just because his parents believe in full freedom.
  9. In 2003, at the age of 6, he made his acting debut in “All of US” which was a UPN show produced by his parents and which was based on their family matters.
  10. He has two siblings one sister Willow Smith and a half brother from another mother Trey Smith, who are also involved in acting and singing but not as successful as Jaden Smith.

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