Here are 10 Important Things Happy Couples Should do Every Day

What makes a successful marriage or relationship? A good relationship needs nurturing, and if you leave it to itself, it will die. This is a stark fact that happy couples are aware of and so they feed their relationship with love, every single day. It’s not a difficult thing to do and it doesn’t take a huge amount of effort, but follow these things that happy couples do daily, and it will go a long way towards ensuring that your relationship lasts through the years to come:

1. They work on developing common interests and make sure to do fun things together

Everyone deserves a little freedom and to be able to follow their own interests, but happy couples do look for interests and fun things that they can share too. They make a conscious effort to look for the things that they can do together, and that keeps them together for longer.

2. Happy couples go to bed at the same time

Happy couples share their day right up to and including bedtime. If one wants to wait up to watch the end of a movie, then the other waits with them. Going to bed at different times is only a small step away from going to bed in separate beds!

3. Partners in happy couples complement each other often

Never underestimate the power of a compliment. Tell your partner how attractive they look or how smart and talented they are. Without compliments, it’s easy for a person to start to feel undervalued and unwanted.

4. They focus on the good things about each other

They look for, and they focus on the things that their partner does that are right, not the things that they do wrong. If you spend too much time fighting about the bad things, you leave no room for the good.

5. Partners in happy couples always trust each other


Jealousy or a lack of trust is never a good thing in a relationship and happy couples assume innocence all the time in their partner. If someone is constantly accusing their partner of cheating, when they are not, it will only drive them away.

6. They always say ‘Goodnight’ and ‘I love you’

Whatever has happened during the day and, however mad you have become at each other, saying ‘Goodnight’ and ‘I love you’ when you go to bed can bring things to a close. You might not have forgiven each other yet, but, at least, you are saying that you want the relationship to go on.

7. Happy couples value their togetherness

Happy couples don’t disappear off into different rooms, as soon as they get home. They make the time to sit together and talk, they eat meals together and they understand that it’s worth making the effort to make sure that their togetherness happens, however busy they are.

8. They hug and kiss each other every day

Touch is important to everyone and happy couples will hug and kiss each other, when they both get home from work. Physical contact helps to complete the bond between two people and it reinforces the feeling of love, care and togetherness.

9. Happy couples always walk together, hand in hand

You won’t see happy couples with one partner walking yards in front of the other. They always walk side by side and usually hand in hand, because they know how important it is to share experiences, even the mundane daily things.

10. They never stop expressing their love, happiness and their gratitude

Saying out loud the things that you are thinking is important. Telling someone that you love them is just as important, as loving them. After all, if you keep it to yourself, how will they ever know?

And yes, of course, happy couples never neglect their intimacy and invest time, love and care into their relationship.



Written by How Africa

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