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10 Highest Paid African Footballers (2016 List Revealed) – Drogba now 5th, Guess the new #1?

Highest paid AFrican Footballers 2015

In the recent couple of decades African football has evolved and produced some of the finest players of football who lite-up european and world stage. Now the african flair of football is quite prominent in almost all the big european clubs with very talented african stars lining up alongside the greats of game. But most of them will be retuning to african for the African Cup of Nations 2015 starting in a weeks time and its a great time to look at top 10 highest paid african stars who are playing their trade in different parts of the world.

Highest Earning Footballers From African Continent:

We all know that football and money go side by side and some of the great african stars are being paid huge weekly salaries. The following figures only contain salaries players receive from their respective clubs, no endorsement deals or personal business money is included in these figures.

Africas Highest Earners in Football
1 Yaya ToureYaya Toure (Man City) £240,000 £13.5m
2 Asamoah GyanAsamoah Gyan (Al-Ain) £120,000 £7.5m
3 Emmanuel Adebayor tottenhamEmmanuel Adebayor (Tottenham) £101,000 £5.4m
4 Samuel Etó'oSamuel Etó’o (Everton) £80,000 £4.2m
5 Didier Drogba Chelsea SalaryDidier Drogba (Chelsea) £75,000 £3.8m
6 john obi mikel chelsea salaryMikel John Obi (Chelsea) £75,000 £3.8m
7 Michael EssienMichael Essien (AC Milan) £60,000 £2.9m
8 Christopher SambaChristopher Samba (Dynamo Moscow) £60,000 £2.9m
9 Kolo ToureKolo Toure (Liverpool) £60,000 £2.9m
10 Seydou Keita as romaSeydou Keita (AS Roma) £55,000 £2.9m
  1. There you have it, 4 time African Footballer of the Year Yaya Toure is by far the highest paid player from African continent who is playing with Manchester City. His current deal with Man City makes him earn £240,000 a week which also put him in top 10 highest paid footballers in the world
  2. Gyan Asamoah played in Premier League with Sunderland for couple of years but moved to Al Ain in Qatar first with a loan move and than the permanent deal which gets him around £120,000 a week in salary after tax. He also has couple of lucarative endorsement deals in Qatar as well as his personal business. So if we include all sources of income he becomes the highest earning player from Africa.
  3. Emanuel Adebayor is finding it very hard to get a consistent run with Tottenham Hotspurs but that does not mean he is not pocketing a massive £100,000 a week salary. When he made his move from City to Tottenham permanent he get a reduced weekly salary of £100K a week from £140,000 he was earning at City.
  4. Samuel Eto’s signed a two year deal with Everton after his 1 season stint at Chelsea. His contract with everton makes him earn the highest salary in the squad alongside Romalu Lakuku.
  5. Didier Drogba made a dramatic comeback to Chelesa and signed a 1 year deal with club. He agreed to get a paycut of almost half what he was getting at Galatasary.

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