10 Health Benefit of Bitter Leaf

Bitter leaf, as the name implies, is a popular leafy green vegetable with a bitter taste, which several people avoid for obvious reasons.
Its botanical name is Vernonia amygdalina.
Here are 10 ways bitter leaf helps your body.
1. Reduces fever
Bitter leaf contains an antiseptic that is very effective to reduce the heat inside. Its andrographolide lactones, glucosides, diterpene, and flavonoids help to reduce fever.
2. May prevent cancer
Some studies report that this plant can stop the activities of gastric cancer cells, can inhibit tumor growth. Bitter leaf extract may also inhibit the growth and development of breast cancer cells.
3. Lowers blood pressure
The high potassium in bitter leaf has the ability to lower blood pressure and balances the negative effect of salt in the body.
4. Helps fight diabetes
Bitter leaf contains andrographolide, which is known to be anti-diabetic.
5. Contains anti-oxidants
This plant contains antioxidants in abundance, which helps to check oxidation thereby increasing the body’s disease-fighting properties.
6. Protects against heart diseases
It is a great source of essential fatty acids such as poly unsaturated fatty acids, linolenic and linoleic acid, which help in protecting the body against cardiovascular diseases.
7. Great source of vitamins
It is a great source of Vitamin A, Vitamin B1 and B2, Vitamin C and Vitamin E.
8. Good for your skin
Contains antibiotic and anti-fungal properties which help cure skin ailments and diseases such as itching and acne.
9. Cleanses the body
Bitter leaf has some cleansing properties, which help to detoxify and keep you healthy.
10. Treats mild stomach conditions
This vegetable aids digestions thereby preventing against stomach troubles.

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