10 Easy Ways To Hit On A Guy You Admire

It is always expected of guys to walk up a lady and initiate a conversation when he finds her attractive and cool. Also, society holds a certain belief that it must be a guy who is making the first moved as far one party asking the other out is concerned. But this isn’t exactly correct.

In fact, several findings have shown that ladies can make the first move as well. The modern day woman is known to be goal-getter and if she can dare to conquer the barriers of class segregation in today’s world and break free from the Glass Ceiling Phenomenon, then there is no reason she can’t also take the first step in other respects, especially in matters of the heart.

Given this, we thought to share 10 easy tips here in order to help the new age lady hit on a guy she finds attractive, because we truly believe she since she has what it takes to initiate the process nothing should hold her back if she feels the urge to.

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1. Know Your Opening Line And Prepare For What Comes Next – Prepare your mind to talk to the guy in question and be ready with what to say. Be creative about it, throw in a bit of light humour here and there and be ready with a response to his comments. You could even memorize a killer joke if it makes the process any easier for you.

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2. Be At Ease And Take Everything One Step At A Time – No need to rush especially in a process of this sort. Always remember that more haste is less speed so take it slow and get in with the flow as slow and steady as you can.

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3. Stay Trendy And Make Eye Contact In Between – Try to get his attention if you spot him in a lounge for instance. As soon as he gets the gist and comes close to you, try to ask for a favour or something. You can ask him to help you pop your bottle of champagne, help you hold your jacket as you try to get some glasses of cognac across to your friends, etc.

When you get back, thank him politely and get the conversation going. Ask him if he’s had something to eat all evening, his favourite drink and the likes. You could even offer him a drink or whatever it is they have at the spot, this helps both of you get on some more as you unwrap some more magic.

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4. Find An Excuse To Get Closer To Him For Body Contacts – This is quite easy as ladies know how to draw close to a guy and get him to notice them whenever they want to. Anyways, if you are in doubt ask a friend.

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5. Avoid Long, Boring Subjects As You Talk – Avoid Repetitions And know When To Take A Walk. Be practical, talk about the environment, his shirt, the music playing in the background. Also, smile occasionally when it is ideal so it sends the message that you are enjoying his company.

As you try your magic, don’t fail to study his body language. Know when it isn’t working and don’t hesitate to take a walk if you ever find yourself in such situations.

Find a good excuse to leave once you sense that things are getting a bit boring and awkward.


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6. Tease And Compliment Him – Don’t get it twisted, even guys like some compliments too. Tell him how stylish you think he is, or what you like about his shoes, his belt and perfume, etc. This should serve as an introduction to more fun things to talk about as you try to win him over.

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7. Rehearse Your Steps Alone – In order to master the process of what you are about to get into, practice the steps repeatedly alone.This also helps you boost morale.

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8. Flirt With Random Guys, Close Friends And The Likes – Do this just for fun because it puts you at easy and makes you conversant with the idea of hitting on a guy. By having fun with guys whom you don’t really feel anything romantic for, you are priming for the moment when you run into your ideal guy. And you could meet your ideal guy anytime, who knows?

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9. Post Updates And Comments On His Social Media Accounts – Like his pictures on Instagram and drop (witty) comments under them to get his attention.

You can get talking about the next big music gig you are attending or a new movie you are about to go see at the cinema or a social outing that you have planned out and whatnot. Be sure to do this when he is online so that when he tries to comment you have a good reason to invite him or something.

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10. Slightly Play ‘Hard’ To Get – Give him some proper good green light but when he starts to swing in your direction act like you don’t plan to get with him.

Leave him wanting more every time you get the chance to. Flirt with him so that he starts to lead the process then pretend to be unprepared for what he is bringing on. For instance, spritz some cool fragrance under your ear and behind you neck so that when you lean closer to him he can’t but want some more of you. Find ways to ignite him. Then stop for a bit and watch him yearn for you.

If you are out on a late night date, attempt to kiss when you guys are about parting ways, then move slightly towards his ear and whisper to him how great a time you had – this would keep him yearning for the actual kiss.



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