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10 Dishes To Enjoy If You Are Visiting The Central Africa

Central Africa is composed of eight countries namely: Congo Brazzaville, DRC, Chad, Rwanda, Sao Tome and Principe, Gabon, Cameroon and Central Africa. If you are visiting Central Africa, here are 10 dishes you should try.

 Chicken Recipe-CEO

Ndolè (Cameroon)

This recipe is made from leaves, a little like spinach, cooked with a peanut paste, prepared with shrimp, smoked fish or meat and fried plantains.

The Chicken DG (Cameroon)

He is called DG for “General Manager”. Indeed, it is a dish that is often cooked to receive personalities. It’s made of chicken, plantain, vegetables and condiments, it’s a real treat.


Kanda (Central African Republic)

Kanda means beef balls with squash seeds. It is a dish as popular as the famous caterpillars. However, he does not ask for so much courage.


Libokè (DRC and Congo Brazzaville)

It is a preparation put in foil in banana leaves, and cooked either in an oven, steamed or directly on a grill.


Nyembwe chicken (Gabon)

The chicken nyembwe is the national dish of the Republic of Gabon. Nyembwe means palm oil in the Bantu language. The chicken used in this recipe is smoked. of Myenes.


Tagaliè (Chad)

The Tagaliè is a traditional Chad sauce prepared with charmout which is a dried meat.


Arroz doce (Sao Tome and Principe)

This recipe is nothing more than a rice with coconut milk. The flavor is raised with cinnamon, lemon etc.

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