10 Common Foods That Can Change the Color Of Your Eyes

  • The eyes are the windows to the soul and to look healthy your eyes need to be healthy. The color of the human eye is highly influenced by the genetic characteristics of the parents, although others factors can contribute to it, such as weather, nutrition and lifestyle. When we say color of eyes, we are referring to the color of your iris, and the color of the iris is greatly determined by the level of melanin present.

As a child begins to grow, the eye color is subject to change. This is because the melanin concentration in the iris keeps changing throughout the child’s formative years. A child’s eye color, therefore, cannot be predicted accurately prior to its birth, but with a well cut out eating habit, and life style, one can achieve a desirable eye color and contrast. Here are basic foods you already know that when taken regularly could change the color of your eyes in 60 days.

1. Ginger


Ginger is well known for its magical powers. It helps in reducing the inflammation of the colon thereby preventing colon cancer. It greatly reduces muscular aches, nausea as a result of chemotherapy and ovarian cancer. Research has proved that ginger reduces the symptoms of asthma and heals liver damage caused by over medication. It is also known to relieve the symptoms of dysmenorrheal. It is, in addition to all this, wonderful at bringing gradual changes to your eye color.

2. Onions

Three onions on a white background.


The importance of onions in every meal can not be over emphasized. Regular intake of onions has shown gradual changes in eye color and also on the skin. Just as with garlic, the thought of always smelling of onions might not be appealing but the result is worth the embarrassment. Onions are rich in sulfur, and vitamin C which works magic in the human body including the eyes. A major constituent of onions, folate, is known to alleviate depression and helps cure insomnia, it is also helpful in reducing chances of colorectal cancers.

3. Fish


Seafood is a rich source of all kinds of vitamins and minerals particularly vitamins B, C A, D, E and K. Calcium, Iron, Magnesium and Phosphorous are the prime minerals present in fish meat that yield color changes in the eye. This change can be made permanent by including fish products in your diet regularly. The oil from cod liver fish is also very rich in vitamin A which is an ace promoter of bright fine eyes.

4. Nuts


Nuts are the primary source of nutrition to include in your diet if you want healthy eyes. Almonds are the lowest calorie nuts yielding six grams of protein and fourteen grams of fat per twenty-three nuts. Add a variety of nuts to your diet to witness a gradual lightening of your eye color. Avoid using roasted nuts as their nutrients have already been destroyed by exposing them to high temperatures.

5. Spinach


Spinach is rich in zeaxanthin and carotenoids lutein which render youthfulness to your eyes. The high content of iron in spinach makes your eyes brighter. One cup of raw spinach yields 27 calories of energy. It is power packed with magnesium, potassium, vitamin A and folate. It is known to be enriched with alpha-lipoic acid which prevents stress induced changes to the body. A diet full of spinach helps in preventing cancer, asthma, lowers high blood pressure and amplifies bone strength. It also promotes healthy skin and hair.


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