10 Characteristics Of Women Who Support Each Other

Women are constantly being told to compete for the best of everything which is very wrong and send the wrong message to young ladies out there.


In recent times, women are becoming more aware of the essence of supporting each other, how it makes them more fulfilled and successful.

Inspired by Your Tango, here are 10 characteristics of women who support each other:

1. They always want to see their friends happy: They can’t stand and watch a friend fail or unhappy and will do everything within their power to make sure their female friends are happy.

2. They encourage one another: The word “go for it” can be found in their vocabulary and believe in their friends who constantly work hard.


3. They value friendship: They laugh and play together, more like sisters than friends.

4. They won’t hold back an applause: They are always the first to clap for their friends who achieve a feat of success and acknowledge a job well done.


5. They don’t compete with each other for a man’s attention: They won’t get jealous of their girlfriend’s engagement ring and know well that not every successful man is the right person for them. They also won’t trade words online with someone over a man.

Bad friends

6. They don’t back bite or put each other down: They do not have time to stab each other in the back and don’t engage in distasteful behaviours.

7. They work together as a team: They know there is enough space for everyone to shine and will always do amazing jobs as a team.

8. They address issues openly: Rather than gossip to a third party when something goes wrong, they’ll rather thrash out issues face to face and find ways to help if there’s anything wrong.


9. They know the importance of networking: They help spread the word and get help through connective networks to make their dreams come true.

10. They don’t attribute material things to having a perfect life: They know everyone has their insecurities and fears and know that having a lot of money in the bank doesn’t mean you are happy.



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