10 Best Bars in Sfax, Tunisia

Renowned for being a respected historical site, there’s another side to Sfax – one of modern bars and a real flair for nightlife. A far cry from what it once was, Sfax has now evolved to be home to plenty of hotels, attractions and restaurants, making it a fabulous idea if you’re considering where to be a tourist. Take a look over where we recommend for a stylish Sfax night.

Bar Le Lido
Bar Le Lido © Voyage Tunisie

Bar Le Lido

A friendly bar usually brimming with both locals and travelers, Bar Le Lido is easy to identify by how bustling it gets, especially come Friday and Saturday nights. However, it’s also open mid-week if you fancy some downtime. There’s nothing overly grand or pretentious about it – instead it’s easygoing with a relaxed vibe. As well as drinks, they also serve an array of small plates.

Opening hours – 7pm-late

Address – Rue Patrice Lumumba, Sfax

Best for – Chilling out with some drinks

La Regence
La Regence © Sfax 1881

La Regence

Thanks to its central location and positive reputation, Le Regence is another one bound to be busy, meaning it’d be nice to have outdoor seating, which it unfortunately lacks. However, fear not – it makes up for it in its ambiance and simple, pleasant style. You may have to reserve a table, but it’s a good place to start your evening. And if you don’t want alcohol, they serve up a storm in the form of exceptional coffees.

Opening hours – 6pm-late

Address – Centre villeSfax, 3000 Sfax

Best for – Catching up with old friends

Golden Tulip
Golden Tulip © Select A Room

Golden Tulip

Sfax’s glamorous Golden Tulip is a 4-star hotel, widely considered one of the best in the area. Therefore, you’d expect its bar to set the bar high – excuse the pun – and it does! In a handy location in the heart of Sfax, it’s within a mile of must-see sites, such as the Archaeological Museum and Kasbah, while the bar itself is adjacent to a restaurant, nightclub, and lounge, so you can spend the entire night out at the Golden Tulip and not get bored. There’s even a seasonal outdoor pool to end your night on a high if you so please.

Opening hours – Noon-late

Address – Avenue Habib Bourguiba Bp 544 Sfax 3000 Tunisia

Best for – A compact yet stylish evening

Sangho Le Syphax
Sangho Le Syphax © venere

Sangho Le Syphax

The hotel is described as quite standard for Tunisia, but as most Tunisian hotels are of high quality, this isn’t a bad thing! It may not stand out dramatically against others, but when you come here you’ll realize it’s a nice, well-maintained space. Staff are willing to help, and at the bar you can order alcohol, coffee, evening meals, or lunch. Overall, it’s a nice experience – you won’t get the crazy bar dancing but often that makes a much-needed contrast from the rest of Sfax’s night life.

Opening hours – 12 noon – 1am

Address – Jardin Public Route Soukra | Tu Unisie, Sfax 3003,

Best for – Meeting people on business

Hotel Thyna
Hotel Thyna © The Top 100

Hotel Thyna

Hotel Thyna is home to one of the best bars in Tunisia. Livelier than some other hotel bars in the area, it’s bound to make for a fun evening – yet it’s still classy, and you’ll hopefully remember the events the following morning. The terraces overlook Sfax’s city center, a dazzling backdrop while you’re unwinding. It’s not far from the medina either, so it would be nice to walk round there then come back for a few drinks.

Opening hours – 6pm-late


Address – Angle rue Habib Maazoun place Marbourg Beb Bhar Sfax, Sfax

Best for – A classic yet interesting evening in Sfax

Borj Dhiafa
Borj Dhiafa © The Top 100

Borj Dhiafa

Borj Dhiafa is frequented by professionals in Sfax for business, and the bar reflects its purpose. It’s minimalist but not empty looking, it serves many different drinks and has retained the same style over the years – and it’s definitely not gaudy or garish. Only a 10 minute walk to the city center, which is around $2 by taxi, it’s a standout in the area.

Opening hours – 12 noon – 12 midnight

Address – Route soukra km3, Sfax 3052

Best for – A sophisticated location all-round

Donia Hotel Sfax
Donia Hotel Sfax © The Best Hotels

Donia Hotel Sfax

This is a charming bar within an equally friendly hotel. The bar is atmospheric and in a convenient location on the airport’s path. Smoking is allowed in the bar, which some will think adds to their relaxed experience while drinking, while others find it outdated – but regardless, reviews are generally positive. A small range of food is also available, but the real emphasis is on drinks – you can get something to satisfy almost every palette.

Opening hours – 6pm-1am

Address – route de l’aeroport km 0.5 Sfax, Sfax 3003

Best for – Working your way through the drinks menu

Les Oliviers Palace
Les Oliviers Palace © Gala Hotels

Les Oliviers Palace

Lots of choice to be found in this bar! You definitely won’t come away still thirsty – or hungry, for that matter! It’s set in a beautiful, clean location, and is one of Sfax’s grander offerings. In fact, you’ll probably feel quite regal sitting at the counter sipping away here. The bar area overlooks the sea, and you know you’re in good company, as even the President of Tunisia has stayed here. Overall, it feels luxurious, is a short walk from Sfax’s center, and the facade envelopes some fascinating history.

Opening hours – 5pm-12 midnight

Address – 25 Avenue Hedi Chaker-3000 | Sfax -Tunisie, Sfax 8050

Best for – Feeling richer than you actually are

Cafe Diwan
Cafe Diwan © Trip Advisor

Cafe Diwan

One of Sfax’s more casual bars, the low-key nature doesn’t mean you should be put off going. Quite the opposite, in fact – it’s nice to fluctuate between the balance of grandeur and quaintness. In here, it’s tranquil and quieter than many other bustling areas. It’s small but overlooks the town and other attractive views. The decor has a homey feel, and you’ll definitely know you’re in Tunisia.

Opening hours – 11am-10pm

Address – Borj erssas | Les remparts entre Beb ElKasbah et Beb El Diwan, Sfax

Best for – A less frantic approach

Kasbah, Sfax
Kasbah © Wikipedia

Bir Ali Ben Khalifa

Slightly farther within Sfax, in the commune of Sfax Governerate rather than the city center, is Bir Ali Ben Khalifa. It specializes in traditional Afghani food and drink, so head here if you fancy something a little different. The diversity behind its menu means you’ll have plenty of different flavors to dabble with – well, they do say variety is the spice of life!

Opening hours – 1pm-11pm

Address – Bir Ali Ben Khalifa | La Médina, Sfax

Best for – A new, non-Tunisian style


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