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10 Best and Safest Airline Companies in the World 2015

Airline safety has been a matter subject to debate after the horrifying events of 2014. The disappearance of MH370 and the downing of MH117, both Malaysian Airlines, claimed the lives of over 500 people. Shortly after, an AirAsia airline disappeared off the radar. In total, there were 21 aviation related accidents with over 900 fatalities. In light of this concern over air safety,, a site specializing in airline ratings among 449 airlines has released a list of the top 10 best safest airlines in the world 2015.

The rating system includes industry audits, government records, checks, balances, and fatality records of the airlines in question. In order to feature in the top 10 best safest airlines in the world 2015, the airlines are required to put considerable effort into passenger comfort innovation, and achieve a seven star rating on safety. is a credible site, approved by the International Civil Aviation Organization. Below is a comprehensive list of the top 10 best safest airlines in the world 2015, in ascending order.


Singapore Airlines Safest Airline Companies | How Africa News

Singapore Airlines pride themselves in the consistency and excellence of their services. The airline was the first to acquire the new Airbus 380. It is set to launch premium economy this year. It mostly serves the South East Asian market though it is a reputable international airline that covers all five cotinentts. It is more dominant in South East Asia because Singapore plays a dominant economic role in the region.


Lufthansa | How Africa News

Lufthansa Airlines mark the definition of safety and reliability. The airline owns well-maintained airplanes including an Airbus 340 imported from the states. Lufthansa airline’s Business Class is especially comfortable and offers a menu delivered only by top-notch chefs.


Finnair Safest Airline Companies | How Africa News

Also known as, the pride of Helsinki’, Finnair is famous for its flight attendants who perform a safety dance as a Finnish ritual to mark safe arrival. This ritual is an indication of the value of safety to the airline.


Eva Air | How Africa News

Eva Air is a Taiwan based airline. Despite the critique of using the Hello Kitty logo, the airline considers safety and passenger comfort as serious business, offering only the best available services. The airline is among the safest in the world.


Etihad Airways | How Africa News

Etihad Airways is an Abu Dhabi-based airline, appearing for the first time in the list of the safest airlines in the world. According to, the award of airline with the best first class went to Etihad Airways in Abu Dhabi. The airline shows commitment to quality and offers breathtaking and luxurious travel packages.


Emirates | How Africa News

In terms of the best in-flight entertainment, Emirates wins the award for the second time in a row. The airline is a pioneer of IFE, with all passenger seats fitted with features, which allow the passenger to monitor the progress of the flight. It also keeps in touch with the latest world news and numerous entertainment channels.


 Cathay pacific airways | How Africa News


The award for best business class went to Cathay Pacific. The airlines’ business class offers a magnificent air of privacy and functionality, showing attention to the passengers need.


British Airways | How Africa News

British Airways, regarded as a safe and reliable mode of travelling through the UK, has impeccable first class and business class services that consistently see the airline ranked among the best in the world. Their airplanes are up-to-date and comfortable flat beds are available in the event of long flights.


Air New Zealand | How Africa News

The best airline overall was awarded to Air New Zealand. The airline has for the second year in a row, received accolades for innovations that enhance safety and passenger comfort, as well as for the organizational management of the airline, which involves staff motivation. Such focus of the staff has exhibited positive results in terms of operational safety, customer service, fiscal management, market position and financial performance. Many industry players agree that Air New Zealand is a great example of an airline suited to the needs of modern-day passengers.


Qantas | How Africa News

Qantas, widely known as the flying kangaroo of Australia, emerged as the world’s safest airline for 2015. The airline remains free of fatalities in the past 60 years, evidence of safety enhancements, which are at par with the industry benchmark.

In the wake of debates surrounding airline safety, the above list of the Top 10 Best Safest Airlines in the World 2015 offer impeccable passenger comfort. They also offer and entertainment but also qualify for the seven-star safety rating.

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