10 Amazing facts you never knew about ‘Antarctica’

This post is about the remotest continent of the world – the highest, driest, windiest, emptiest, coldest place on earth. Below are the 10 cool facts about Antarctica!

1. You cannot work in Antarctica unless your wisdom teeth and appendix are removed.

Surgeries are not made at the stations in Antarctica, so you should have your wisdom teeth and appendix removed even if they’re absolutely healthy.





2. Antarctica is also the world’s driest place.

In fact the driest place on the planet is located in Antarctica and called the Dry Valleys.



3. Like some countries (Australia, .au, Germany, .de) the continent of Antarctica has its own top-level domain = .aq

It would be unfair if it has not! Even Mc’Donald Islands do!





4. 53 million years ago, Antarctica was so warm that palm trees lived along its shores.

The temperature on the continent soared above 20C.



5. Metallica played a gig in Antarctica called Freeze ‘Em All, making them the first band to have played on every continent.

The band visited all seven continents in one year!





6. There used to be a nuclear power station in Antarctica.

McMurdo station is the largest community in Antartica, it has been operated by the U.S. since 1962.





7. Antarctica has a Fire Department.

It belongs to the Mc Murdo station we mentioned above and employs professional firefighters.



8. Despite the extreme temperatures, there are 1150 different species of fungi identified to survive in Antarctica.

Fungi perfectly adaps to extreme low temperatures, continuous and repeated freeze and thawing cycles.




9. Antarctica (technically) contains every timezone on the planet.

All longitude lines we use to define time zones meet at the two poles.




10. No polar bears live in Antarctica.

You may see them in the Arctic or Canada, if you wish.




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