10 African Proverbs That Will Make Your Day


Below are some of the African proverbs….

1. Men would not tell lies if women asked less questions – Unknown Africa Origin

2. You have to be careful to kill a fly that has perched on your scrotum – Ghana

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3. It is okay for a child to play with the mother’s breasts, but not the father’s testicles – Guinea

4. He who has diarrhea knows the direction of the door without being told – Uganda

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5. However much the buttocks are in a hurry, they will always remain at the back – Unknown Africa Origin

6. There’s no virgin in a maternity ward – Cameroon

7.  Never underestimate the power of stupid people in large numbers – Uganda

8. Human excreta will always smell, no matter how small – Gambia

9. Anger, no matter how hot it is, can never cook a yam – Nigeria

10. It’s the fear of what tomorrow may bring that makes the tortoise carry its house along wherever it goes – Nigeria




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