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1 in 5 Young People Believe that HIV Can be Transmitted Through this Pathway – Study Shows

The organization Sidaction has just made a most unusual revelation. Indeed, many young people believe that HIV can be transmitted through a kiss.

At the end of a survey, it emerged that some young people are not well informed about AIDS. They rely on misconceptions and other rumors to try to understand the disease. This weekend, the results of a survey of young people aged 15 to 24 were published.

Figures that evolve over the years

As the Sidaction weekend approaches, this survey proves that the numbers are changing year by year. In 2015, young people who thought this mode of transmission was real were 15%.

In addition, other received ideas are gaining ground. Thus, 18% believe that transmission can be done through perspiration, a figure that is 8 points higher than in 2015. Also, 19% believe that the morning after pill can prevent the transmission of the virus. In 2015, the survey results on this question were 9 points lower. In addition, 26% of them believe that there are drugs that cure AIDS.


Young people are poorly informed

During the survey, it was found that 20% of young people are not well informed about the disease, while in 2009, they were only 11%. For Sidaction Executive Director Florence Thune, “the lack of information” can make “less talk about HIV”, which can create “old fears”.

She notes that “these proportions have increased significantly in a relatively small number of years, on things that seemed to have been acquired for a long time.”

As a result, infections are more and more important among 15-24 year olds. Indeed, there is an increase of 24%. Among the young people questioned, 14% admit having exposed themselves by having practices at risk.


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