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1.7 Metres Tall Cow: These Are The Seven Of The World’s Biggest Animals in History

Knickers the cow

Knickers shocked the world after pictures of the enormous animal went viral.

The cow is too big to be killed, weighing 1,397Kgs and standing at 1.7 metres tall, so instead gets to live out his days roaming the fields in Western Australia.

But Knickers isn’t alone in the over-sized animal club.

Check out some of these giant creatures who are breaking records for their stature….

Mystery chicken

Seems small at first

A video of an enormous chicken went viral last year when it was filmed poking its head through a relatively small hole in an elevated hutch.

As the clip continues, the chicken begins to step into the yard and reveals its incredible enormity and plumage.

With masses of feathers and standing far taller than most dogs, the bird wanders around the yard marking its territory.

But then the huge chicken emerges in full.

Samson the mighty Maine Coon

Weighing 28 pounds and measuring an incredible four-foot in length is this hulking feline.

He spends his down time playing fetch and has now reached celebrity status due to his impressive stature, including more than 180,000 followers on Instagram.

Darius the rabbit

Darius the rabbit outstretched.

Darius the rabbit measured a total of 4 feet 4 inches long.

It cost his owner a whopping £5,000 a year to feed her giant bunnies, who munch their way through 2,000 carrots and 700 apples every 12 months.

Every day each of them also chows down on a huge dog bowl full of specialist rabbit food, and a bale of hay a week.



The overweight squirrel.

The enormous grey squirrel has ballooned to twice its size after being repeatedly fed nuts by tourists visiting the park where she lives.

Photographer Marina van der Linden captured the chubby creature on film in the Morro Rock State Preserve in California.

Software engineer Marina, 46, was stunned when the obese California ground squirrel appeared after she pulled out a bag of nuts.

She said: “I had been in the park taking photos but couldn’t get any clear pictures because it was so foggy.I got out a bag of peanuts and suddenly I saw a family of squirrels.

“It was hilarious because they were all quite big, but there was one that was enormous.”

Sting ray

The sting ray.

In 2015, TV host Jeff Corwin and veterinarian Nantarika Chansue examined a huge freshwater stingray in Thailand’s Mae Klong River.

The ray was a record-breaker, and the catch and release was filmed for an episode of the ABC show Ocean Mysteries with Jeff Corwin.

The ray measured 7.9ft across and 14ft long, weighing an estimated 800lbs.

Lolong the crocodile

Workers carefully unload 21-foot crocodile”Longlong” from the roof of a van.

Lolong the saltwater crocodile, who died a few years ago, is thought to be the biggest of its kind ever in captivity, measuring 21ft in the Philippines.

The beast was blamed for several deadly attacks before his capture in 2011.

His body was preserved so villagers could still see the reptile, as he was adored by the locals.

The croc was kept in captivity.

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