When Lions Dare Commuters- Watch As A Pride Of Lions Bring Cars To Total Standstill

Tourists were left speechless at the weekend when an entire pride of lions walked out in front of their car.
The stunning group crossed the Pipavav-Rajula highway in Amreli, a district in the Indian state of Gujarat, bringing drivers to a halt.

In pictures captured by an eye-witness, the predators can be seen waiting patiently for the vehicles to come to a stop…

Which, obviously, did not take long.
The traffic quickly came to a standstill after commuters on both sides of the roadway halted their vehicles

You know it’s your lucky day when you’re cruising through the Kruger Park and you spot a lion. It’s an even luckier day when you spot a pride of lion. You’re amongst the luckiest, though, when you’re stopped in the road by a pride of lion taking down and then devouring a buffalo.

Close to Satara camp, this pride of lion was spotted doing just that.




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