VIDEO: Moment Donald Trump Took The Oath To Protect Christianity!

A video of US President Donald Trump promising that his government will protect Christianity has become viral. The video was recorded in a speech in January 2016 to more than 11,000 people gathered in the arena of Liberty University in Lynchburg, Virginia, evangelical stronghold and passage for Conservative candidates.

Donald Trump

A speech held before he was president, shows the new tenant of the White House, claiming that he is a proud Presbyterian and thinks religion is besieged.

He also said that Christianity would be protected because “very bad things are happening” and ask Christians to unite in the whole world:

 We will protect Christianity I say. I should not be politically correct. “” If you look at what is going on around the world, you see Syria where if you are a Christian, you are cut off. You look everywhere, and Christianity is in a state of siege, “said Donald Trump, saying he was” very proud “of being a Presbyterian and insisting on several occasions on the urgency of” protecting “Christians.

He described the Bible as the best book ever written and said it is different from the rest of the political actors of the GOP because it is not indebted to donors who fund the campaigns of its rivals.

I’m not funded by these Wall Street guys. That is true. I self-funded my own campaign. I do not take any money-

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