VIDEO: Handcuffed Black Man Gets Curb Stomped By White Police Officer In Ohio!!

Terribly and disgracefully, several of our Black men are abused and assaulted by the law enforcement officers. With so many people wanting to help ease tensions between law enforcement and those within the African-America community, it would seem logical that police officers would be careful of their actions.

They do wear body cameras and these body cameras are supposed to help put an end to illegal and unlawful police conduct.

As soon as there is progress being made, you’re quick to find aggressive police officers infringing on a Black man’s rights. Many white police officers unfairly label and stereotype Black men and will, therefore, act ‘militant’ in their interaction.

Case in point – a Columbus police officer is being investigated for kicking a Black man while he was on the ground with his hands handcuffed behind his back.

While DeMarco Anderson was on the ground being detained by one officer, another officer Zachary Rosen – runs up and curb-stomps Anderson. The kick was so intense that Anderson’s head bounced off the curb.

According to the Daily Mail, “The chilling act of violence, which was filmed on Saturday, comes just over two weeks after a grand jury decided not to indict Rosen and another officer for shooting a black man dead in 2016.”

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As Anderson was being led away by police, he accuses the cops of planting drugs on him. He said the reason why he was running was because he believed someone was shooting at him.

Note: Police were called to the home of John Marteny who claimed Anderson broke in his home, woke him up, and fired a gun.

Columbus police issued the following statement: “Officer Zachary Rosen is under investigation for his actions that took place involving a suspect under arrest on Saturday, April 8, 2017.”

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