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VIDEO: A Stray Dog ​​Invades A Football Game And It’s Shambles  

This is one of the most unusual scenes during a football game, which took place in Brazil, during a football match, between two local teams, namely Brasil de Pelotas and Goiás.

During the match, a stray dog ​​came out of nowhere, and invaded the pitch and then started chasing the players, paying no attention to the referee. It was a very playful scene in the eyes of some fans.

Not even knowing that he was disrupting an important match, the animal especially took a hit Evanildo Borges Junior, better known as Juninho. Desperate to escape, the footballer almost fell a few times.

“You have no choice but to run. You can not take chances when a dog chases you, “Juninho said after the match. More fear than harm, but very funny.

Watch the video below:


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