USA: The Security Of The White House Strengthened Since Saturday Because Of The…….!!

It was after the arrest of a man who uttered threats at an access control point that the government decided to strengthen security. The person challenged the controllers, he was revealing a bomb in his car that was intended for Donald Trump. The unknown was mastered and his car seized by the agents.

A person appeared in front of the access point in the White House by proliferating threats of death. President Donald Trump was currently absent from the palace. According to informants he was in his Florida residence for a weekend.

The man in question was immediately neutralized by security before searching his car. The view that a computer was stolen from a week ago in New York. The White House has decided to strengthen security. This machine was part of the security element because it belonged to a secret service agent.

According to CNN the laptop is high-secured but would contain sensitive data, plans of the Trump Tower of New York. It is the building where the Trump family resides, Melanie and Barron the son of the president.

For some time, the security of the White House has been unsatisfactory because a man managed to enter the compound on 10 March before being arrested.

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