UNITED STATES: After Criticizing The EU, Donald Trump Begins A Rapprochement With Europe!!

After sharply criticizing the European Union and predicting the Brexit when he was still a candidate, Donald Trump is changing his position. Recently, he received several European Heads of State and Government at the White House. A new about-face.

“The European Union is always very complicated, very bureaucratic,” declared Donald Trump a year ago. Still a candidate at that time, the current tenant of the White House expressed his doubts about the European Union before predicting the Brexit. Since then, the voters have confirmed him.

But time has passed. The US president received British Prime Minister Theresa May at the White House, then German Chancellor Angela Merkel, and yesterday, April 20, Prime Minister Paolo Gentiloni. Since then, the discourse has changed.

“A strong Europe is very important to me as President, and it is also, I think, very important for the United States,” he said. We will help the European Union to be strong. And it will be for the benefit of all. ”

Meeting with the Pope

On the eve of the French presidential election, Donald Trump’s message is to say that a strong Europe is necessary in the United States.

President Trump, who was congratulating himself after the Brexit, and predicting further departures from the EU, has changed course. He has done the same on various issues of international policy including the obsolescence of NATO.

Finally, if candidate Trump scratched Pope Francis during the campaign, he now wishes to meet him. Next month the sovereign pontiff will perhaps have the opportunity to repeat to the President of the United States all the evil he thinks of the construction of a wall on the southern border of the country.

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