‘Am So Uncomfortable In My Black Skin, I Hate Being Called African’- Popular Black American Actress Whoopi Goldberg

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  1. I am surprised that a smart woman can utter such words, whether she hates it or not , she will be considered black ,yes she has nothing to do with Africa but she’s neither white and will never be considered White , her achievements are much more valued by we black Africans ,by what her ancestors went thru for years.
    Her skin will continue to be her ”

  2. The way I see it she is not rejecting her African roots. It is common knowledge that America is a country comprised of immigrants who came from all over the world especially Europe. All these people are called Americans but when it is those from Africa things differ. Fair treatment dictates that equity applies in all spheres of life. What is the rationale in not addressing those from Spain as Spanish Americans, UK as British Americans, similarly those from all other countries as well?

  3. I agree with her totally. That categorisation of humans has to stop. She is American period. Her ancestors at sometime were Africans but they worked hard to create the American nation, which she can proudly be associated with without mentioning her antecedents background.

  4. why did she do Sarafina, if she don’t resemble Africans?

    tired of these coins, darkies for hire. they are paid to confuse African Americans. The rationale behind African American was to indicate to Black Americans that their history doesn’t start from slavery. Without resolving identity issue and embracing their African heritage Black Americans will remain without culture, exactly how slavery intended. it is no surprise that Obama has no slavery lineage. if you don’t know who are, you remain in a state of limbo.

  5. I am sorry Whoopi, the white people in America will not allow it. The names that you would be referred to without an hyphen are “colored, negro, black and N-word. So you see, your fight is really with your fellow (white) Americans. Africa will still look beautiful in front of America or Europe, because that is the Grand daddy of all humans.

  6. Whoopi, You ancestors got their asses busted t(murdered, beaten, raped and enslaved) to be here. Your brothers and sisters are getting their asses busted everyday here. The Nation of the United States of America exterminates and continues to exterminate, land grab and poison Native Americans to form and maintain this country, while poisoning and exterminating people in the Middle East and South America. Know the truth. Speak the truth. Yes, your family busted their asses to be here and stay alive here. We are invested, but in what, and to what end? Are we invested in capitalism and genocide, or life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness? It’s complicated.

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  8. Everytime anyone wants to use the term African to cheat her she has the right to re-inform that person she is American with the strongest phrase possible.I think she is proud of her ancestr.

  9. well I think people are getting her out of context, I for one think she ment to say that she is an American not black American, why would the whites in American get to be called Americans and not White American?, were they not also from elsewhere and migrated to America?. In fact if we should follow same logic the only Americans would be the Indians period!. But that isnt the case obviously, so please understand the rational.
    My only issue has got to do with the comment like “I hate being black”, perhaps its the fruastration she is expressing

  10. Whoopi has every right to be called who she wants but then again I think the majority of black people are idiots. We are the only people with a lot of insecurities. Put a million black people together in one place and that is what the world will see, the colour, and not where you come from. Our ancestors suffered for our freedom but we are good at nothing besides despising and killing each other. This is why the world will always find it difficult to accept us because we are so disintegrated. Who cares where anyone comes from. Be proud to be black

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