Top 5 Black Celebrity Men Who Have Married White Women!!

Interracial relationships or marriages have always been considered a bit awkward. It is just because many people don’t accept the difference between race, culture, language, religion and many other factors that are important for any healthy relationship or marriage. But that is not the case everywhere; we have a lot of Black celebrities who have married someone from different ethnicity where their relationship is an inspiration for someone or has ended up in a bad divorce. Let’s see what we have gathered for you this time.

Following are top 5 Black Celebrity Men who have married white women without caring about the difference in their skin colors:

  1. Tim Duncan:

Tim Duncan, who is an admired San Antonio Spur player, married Amy in 2001. The marriage ended badly in 2013, as Amy imposed an allegation on Duncan of him being in a gay relationship. Other sources also claimed that the allegation was wrong and Amy being the one cheating on her husband throughout her married period.

  1. Omari Hardwick:

In 2012, actor Omari Hardwick beautifully married Jennifer Pfautch. In 2014, this power couple was troubled by several people who criticized his wife’s general appearance. But the way he responded to all these people made quite a difference. He twitted on Twitter with a series of different tweets expressing his anger towards such obnoxious people who showed extreme disappointment towards humanity.


  1. Taye Diggs:

Actor and singer Taye Diggs married Idina Menzel in 2003. Both of them have an adorable son Walker. In 2011, Diggs made a public statement that one thing always frustrated him and that was his mother telling him that one day he would definitely marry a white woman.


  1. Sydney Poitier:

Although being married twice, actor and film director Sydney Poitier’s current wife is a former actress Joanna Shimkus. He has two daughters with Joanna and four with previous marriages. One of their daughters has starred in many films and television shows.


  1. Tiger Woods:

In 2004, golf sensation Tiger Woods married Elin Nordegren, a Swedish model. The couple ended up in a nasty divorce in 2010 when Nordegren discovered that her husband Woods is cheating on her with over a dozen of other women. He was then kicked out of their home, and since then he never performed the same on any golf course.

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