Top 4 African-American Friendly Places You Should Consider Visiting!! #1 is indisputable….

If you love to travel, yet your skin color is preventing you from exploring the rest of the world, fear not. With a little research and planning, traveling for African-Americans has become easier, more convenient, and importantly, safe. Not all countries openly welcome black people and traveling should be fun and memorable.

Unfortunately, racism is still apparent in some countries but don’t let this hinder you from getting on the plane and traveling around the world. In this regard, here is a list of the most black-friendly places, you should include on your travel bucket list.

  1. Paris, France – Who doesn’t want to see the Eiffel Tower? If that isn’t enough to make you book a ticket to Paris, there are so many beautiful places to see around this charming city.

A lot of African-American entertainers hone their creativity in Paris. The entire city itself is enough to inspire anyone.  During the 1920’s, many black people migrated to France and Paris became a thriving city for artists, singers, and writers.

There are even tours offered to discover the Black Paris so you can learn more about the African-American history in Paris.


  1. Japan – This country is one of the most interesting and bizarre places to visit. The Japanese culture isn’t just about ninjas and samurais, but the people are very much obsessed with anime. You can even see it in the way they dress where some of the younger generation imitate the characters from the anime.

 When it comes to music, hip-hop and reggae are greatly appreciated in this country. Reggae music first came to Japan in the 1970’s where it instantly became a hit. You’ll be surprised to see and feel the reggae vibe in Japanese nightclubs.


  1. UAE (United Arab Emirates) – In the Middle East, particularly Abu Dhabi and Dubai, the number of African-American travelers is increasing. Thanks to cheap plane fares, black people are pouring into this part of the Middle East which is suitable for first-time travelers.

 Abu Dhabi and Dubai are considered as open cities compared to its neighboring countries such as Saudi Arabia, Oman, and Kuwait among many others. Both cities are thriving in terms of business, technology, architecture, and tourism.


  1. Brazil – This country is the largest nation in South America. It is the world’s biggest population of black people outside Africa and is also the second largest in the world next to Nigeria.

During the time of slavery, the black people who were shipped to Brazil brought the black culture, music, food, and way of life into the streets of Brazil. This makes this a popular destination for African-Americans.

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