Top 10 Countries With The Highest Black Population Outside Africa!!

10. Trinidad and Tobago

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Black Population 1,200,000+

Africans came to Cuba during the sixteenth and seventeenth century when the country was a Spanish colony.

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9. United Kingdom

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Black Population 1,900,000+

They say the black population is better educated than the white population there, 27% of the black population has had at least some college education compared to 13% of the white population.

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8. Venezuela

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Black Population 2,600,000+

venezuela-86231_1280 11 Countries with Highest Black Population outside Africa

7. Jamaica

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Black Population 2,900,000+

Jamaica is one of the few countries on our list in which black population represents the majority of the population.

The first black slaves brought to Jamaica did not come directly from Africa but were either Africans, or the descendants of Africans, who had been enslaved for a time in Spain.

6. Colombia

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Black Population 4,800,000+

Out of Colombia’s 48,000,000 population, about 10% is black.

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5. France

Black Population 5,000,000+

Blacks living in France have an African or Caribbean origin.

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4. Dominican Republic

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Black Population 7,800,000+

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3. Haiti

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Black Population 9,000,000+

95% of the Haitian population is black.  Haiti is the first country in the Western hemisphere to abolished slavery.

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2. United States

Black Population 45,000,000+

It is estimated that by 2060, black population in the US will reach 80 million.

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1. Brazil

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Black Population 80,000,000+

With almost 80 million residents with African origins, Brazil ranks first on our list of the top 10 countries with highest black population outside Africa.

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  1. This article waters down why there are AFRICANS IN these countries. This is basically the African Dispora. Even the people in the UK are there due to their ancestors being pursued to serve in the military there. The Caribbean, Brazil, America.. all from slave trade.
    They are still Africans. Stop sugar coating it. These people suffer with self hate due to their oppressors already. Give props to Africa for blessing the world with such beautiful talented people. Its no secret identity issues plague the Diaspora. Look at the Ancestry videos. Yes new nationalities, but African DNA is strong! Those are not Europeans nor Asians. We call ourselves black so we can avoid African. Shame on Africa for leaving the Diaspora hanging but wanting the benefits of the Diaspora hard work for freedom. Especially the newer immigrants need to check their entitlements and division. Especially the disrespect to Africans in America. Stop the Akata word. Stop believing white lies. Still African. All things African destroyed.. Little Africa aka Black wallstreet.. African Town, Al.. you name it.. different ethnic groups but still African Igbo, Yoruba, Mandinka.. ect.. please respect the Africans in Diaspora and teach us!

    • Then most African-Americans wouldn’t be “black” according to you. Many of our ancestors were raped by slavemasters, resulting in various mixtures. I’ve traced my family tree back to 1849. Haven’t found the white people. But there are enough 19th century “mulattoes” there to know why my African-American skin is as light as it is.

      • Agree with your statement. The south during slavery was a factory area to produce more slaves who were fathered by many white men. Slave owners would receive money from white men to have sex with the female slaves. It was cheaper to produce their slaves this way then buying them at slave auction.
        The 10 countries with many Blacks is very insular presentation of the people of color in the world. According to the report it appears that Blacks are in the 10 countries, the United States, and Africa. There are many more else where such as Indochina, India, Australia and parts of the Middle East. Please lets be more global as to the world census of Black people.

      • African American’s refer to being Black as their entire identity. And he is sort of correct, You can not selfishly label a person who is evidently mixed and just label them black. That seems to be something called the one drop rule where even if you are 5% black, you are labeled black.

    • This article counted the one drop rule without the real numbers. Completely Afrocentrist not really facts only assumptions.

      • I know the US census keeps track of ppl that identify as mixed. You have to understand that before the 1965 immigration bill the US was primarily white/black and miscegenation was illegal until 1964. So the US would have looked something more like Brazil if not for those racial purity laws. I say all that to say in the US seeing mixed families is becoming more common but no where near enough to significantly effect the actual number of non-mixed black identifying ppl. And not trying to be US centric its only what I am knowledgeable on.

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