The Appearance of this Sudanese Model Arouses the Curiosity of Internet Surfers!! This is why… (PHOTOS)

Nyadak Thot, a 21-year-old who became famous at the age of 17 at the Australia Next Top Model, has left users of social networks stunned by sharing his photos on Twitter. The young Sudanese woman who looks like a doll has made people wonder if she is really real.

Doll or human? Model Nyadak Thot, also known as Duckie, shared this mesmerizing photo of herself on Twitter last week-prompting several users to mistake her for a Barbie

While the model was naturally blessed with a beautiful face, her makeup in these photos, which includes a white eye shadow, rows of eyelashes and highlighter touches, seems to make her look more like a doll.

Accomplished: She came in third and continued building her career. Duckie now lives in New York, where she is represented by the New York Models agency

“I would not believe it’s real until I see it in person,” wrote an Instagram user in response to the amazing picture.

“Are you human?” “Asked another fan, while another admitted,” I thought you were a barbie doll. ”

Several others have compared it to a Barbie doll. Duckie’s hairstyle on these photos reminds one of the famous doll.

Representation: 'Black women in general need to be out there the way that other women are,' Duckie added. 'It needs to happen for' us 'already!'

The model seems to like these comparisons, because in response, she sent a humorous tweet showing a Barbie undressed with the caption: “I’m not perfect. Sometimes a girl slips »

Barbie with the caption: 'I'm not perfect. Sometimes, a girl slips'

Duckie also asked her fans, “Did you just name me to be your new barbie? ”

Ambition: The South Sudanese has a spoken about her desire to give black women more representation in the modeling industry through her own work

The model, born and growing in Australia, lived in Melbourne and participated in the ‘Australia Next Top Model’. She was the third dolphin and continued her Top Model career. Duckie currently lives in New York, where she is represented by the agency ‘New York Models’.

In an interview with ‘Teen Vogue’ last year, the young woman had revealed that her biggest desire was to give black women greater representation in the modeling industry.

Speaking out: 'It was not easy for me to grow up and not have any kind of role model out in Australia,' Duckie told Teen Vogue last year about the need for more black models

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