Tania Omotayo Shares Shocking Request She Got From A Man Who Wants Half Caste Kids

Wizkid’s ex-girlfriend Tania Omotayo has shared an awkward note she received from a male fan who says he wants children with her because of her skin colour and lineage.

According to the unidentified man, Tania is the only ‘white lady’ around his area, and since he wants mixed-race children, he thought it wise to approach her with his grand plan.

This young man proposed marriage to Tania and promised to be a loving husband forever to her. His note which got Tania crying laughing read:


“I want half-caste kids and you are just about the only white lady I know of that can give them,” said the determined man. “I promise to take care of you and the kids. Be a good father to the kids and loving husband to you forever.”
I promise you everything good.”

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