Showing Herself Again As The People’s Person, Michelle Obama Set Tongues Wagging As She Dresses Like Beyonce- Photos


Exactly when you may have thought the 36th birthday festivities for Beyoncé could get any more iconic, Michelle Obama just nailed for every one of us!

The former first woman drew real attention on Monday, when she seemed dressed as Queen Bey in her now-unbelievable cap and meshes. The picture was a piece of a photograph montage on the singer’s website which filled in as a birthday message from family and companions. Every lady  including Beyoncé’s girl Blue Ivy Carter, mother Tina Knowles Lawson and friend Serena Williams, wore a cap, twists and fancy gems in contrasting photographs.

While everybody looked completely impeccable, it was Obama who set web-based social networking clients’ tongue’s swaying.


Broderick Greer